Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 7, of the series Regime.

Chapter 7 - Clausis 2

It was the morning Clausis predicted so. The first full day of the Igne-Lumen war was already upon the world.

Clausis found his parents and sat by them, watching the blue sky ablaze with fire and light, filling with orange debris. This was not anything that anyone wanted. Could it be that a new time of Dictatorem Imperio was upon them? Where the gods would not listen to the pleas of the people?

Clausis was free to explore the Occulto, as life there was pretty boring, you might say, for a 6-year-old longing for his life back. He took his closest friends, the selfish but hilarious Ipsum and Fugax, the shy one, with him to roam. Because the Occulto was protected by elder Senex’s power, the kids wouldn’t be able to step into the war.

After some time, the kids reached one end of the Occulto.

“Hey Clausis, look. We’ve reached the edge. Let’s try to break through! Here, let me do it.” Ipsum suggested.

“, you know, I really have to get back over there...bye!” Fugax said, rushing back to the sanctuary mainland, avoiding the troubles Ipsum and Clausis were getting into.

Clausis suggested, “How about we ram through the barrier? My mom said that the powers of a Fluvius-approved elder would give way to pure souls.”

And so they got in position. With full force, Ipsum and Clausis rammed into Senex’s barrier.

Only Clausis passed through. Shocked but with some plan in mind, he ran off, away from the war section, to find the border to Atrum’s territory.

He, in his mind, planned to kill Atrum.

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