Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 6, of the series Regime.

Chapter 6 - Invenit 2

Invenit had never seen such a beautiful lady before. He lived in Atrum’s dark shroud, which means he was under constant surveillance and was not allowed to mingle with the commoners. This girl was from Vitam territory; she was all of what Invenit had lost: she had a life, was independent, was helpful, and wasn’t afraid. This is why Invenit saw her to be so...amazing. It was literally an aura of lust for home and will that Invenit had never seen.

That’s why he was going to help her escape.

“Hey you, yeah you there, think you could help me?” Carissima asked, quietly. Her voice made Invenit all the more attracted to her.

“Okay.” he answered back, and ran to her. Taking out his defense knife, he sliced open the ropes. She got up, at least 5 inches taller than Invenit, and thanked him.

“I...know the way out.” Invenit said, trying to speak while balancing love and the thought of treason at the same time.

“You do?! Okay, I know it may be treason for you, but could you lead me out of here? Please?? I’ll keep you in hiding with me.”

Her voice carrying the influence of his decision, Invenit answered back, “Yes. Let’s go.”

They first snuck around in the empty bunkers, seeing the war rage on the battlefield outside. Invenit opened a vent gate, and with an “After you.”, Invenit crawled in after Carissima.

They ended up outside the entire compound, in the mainland city of Atrum’s territory, of which he called the Aliquam Rustici, or the City of Peasants. Fitting in nicely here, all Invenit and Carissima had to do was evade the patrols (the Obtinuit Mali), and get out of Atrum territory, on the side that would lead right across the border to Vitam’s territory.

Once they reached the desired border, they encountered a pretty bad “roadblock.”

Militen had found them.

“By the lord Deoregem, get us through this.” Carissima said.

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