Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 5, of the series Regime.

Chapter 5 - Carissima 2

Militen had no trouble dragging Carissima to the Domus Mala. He was to have her executed for Atrum, as a symbol of hatred for Vitam’s cowardice. She was thrown onto an old chair and locked in an empty bunker room. She was held tight to the chair by an ancient, dark form of rope-tying, the Perpetuum Tenent, so she could not at least enjoy the nice bunker beds. Carissima looked around for any sort of knife or sharp object she could use to cut the rope, but there was none. Just a couple of rounded shields laying haphazardly across someone’s bed. Yeah, not gonna cut any rope. Not gonna cut anything, for that matter.

“Goddamnit, I want to go home!!” Carissima shouted, jumping up and down with her chair. She was lucky she didn’t fall over.

She then heard the sound of the lock (a modern “Ferro Clausum”) being opened, and the door brace sliding back. Someone was going to open the door and punish her for yelling, no doubt. She asked for it.

But no. It wasn’t a big, angry guard or Militen Obscuri.

It was a smaller, timid-looking boy.

It was Invenit.

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