Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 4, of the series Regime.

Chapter 4 - Clausis

It was terrifying. Simply terrifying. For such a young boy like Clausis to be driven out of his home into a secluded area far away from his comfort zone of mainland Fluvius territory, just for some protection against a potential grueling war, some would say it’s simply horrible. Protection from war is great, but Fluvius volunteered for this. That’s what makes it bad, considering no one wanted Fluvius to join any war this month.

“Mommy, what’s happening? Why do we have to live in the wilds?” Clausis asked, his eyes filled with an innocent hope for an answer.

“Because, the people who protect us are going to fight for us, so we can still have our homes.” his mom answered, trying to make it as simple an answer.

“But WHY??” Clausis persisted.

“Because others who hate us are fighting those we like, so it is our duty to defeat the haters.” his mom answered again, hoping that was it.

“...Okay...” Clausis replied, determining that was the best answer he would get. Clausis and his parents kept walking in line with the other people of Fluvius, to their sacred sanctuary area, Occulto (“The Wilds” as Clausis and other kids called it), meaning Hidden Place.

Occulto was small, much smaller than the mainland territory. People started making homes out of the crevices left by the ruins of the people of Fluvius’ ancestral god, Maris, which used to use Occulto as their mainland. The women went to gather, and the men went to hunt, leaving the territory elder/guru, Senex, to watch over the youth. Easy job when all the kids were terrified and confused; they weren’t running around and playing very much.

Clausis laid down in some soft grass and fell asleep. When he awoke in the morning, the Igne-Lumen war would be in full force.

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