Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 3, of the series Regime.

Chapter 3 - Carissima

Soft, gentle, but lively as a girl should be, the simple commoner of the peaceful territory of Vitam, Carissima, wasn’t shocked to hear that the Upper Territories were having another war. It was common for the opposing forces of the People of Fire, Light, and Darkness to constantly wage war.

They all, even the allied people of Igne and Atrum, want to see the other territories go into Expulsio Aeterni, which means that a territory is never allowed to go back to independence, and they would be annexed into the war victor’s territory. The territories of Aether (Air) and Petra (Rock) are the only 2 known territories in recent history to be annexed, Aether to Lumen and Petra to Igne.

She was shocked to hear, however, that their equally peaceful counterpart, the territory of Fluvius, would be joining the fight alongside Lumen. Never before had Vitam and Fluvius not go to war together, almost as one. Now Vitam would have to go into a seclusion, to stay away from the channel of battles reaching downward from the Upper Territories to Fluvius’ territory, and vice versa.

Carissima had to get prepared, as did everybody else; the dawn of the next day was fast approaching! Because of the Vitam-preached simple, take-what-you-need life followed by his people, food was always in surplus, and it could be bought and organized like a breeze. Their houses were equal representations of that; Carissima’s house was very small compared to her neighbor, but she lived by herself, whilst her neighbor had a wife and 3 kids.

“Okaaaay, food here, water here, house sturdy, emergency bunker prepped.” Carissima checked off out loud, marveling at her efficient and successful job. As custom of Vitam territory, citizens would always help the others in their task when on free time. And so, Carissima locked her door (a primitive “Lignea Claudere” lock, but it worked wonders), climbed down her vine (she lived up in the Seges Tegimen section; in the trees), and went to help her neighbors.

Along the way, she noticed a rustling in the bushes. Being curious, the 17-year-old dove into the brush and followed the tracks, until she came upon a frightening sight, out of Vitam territory.

It was the feared Militem Obscuri, evil dark soldier of Atrum. Militem grabbed Carissima by her arm in a firm grip and pulled her, sometimes dragged her along, heading for the Domus Mala.

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