Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 2, of the series Regime.

Chapter 2 - Invenit

Invenit rarely ever saw the light of day. Hell, he didn’t remember much of what light looked like at all. When he was little, his mother was killed in a past Atrum-Lumen War in a battlefield, holding him in her arms. He had no idea where to run, so he just ran. Eventually he came out of Atrum’s territorial shield of black-leaved plants and trees, and was basked in the great sunlight of Lumen’s land. However, a person of Atrum’s advisory (the Concilium Consultationis) immediately saw him and rushed him back to the Haven, the part of Atrum’s territory not touched by Lumen’s army.

That was actually the last time Invenit saw light. Now he works full-time in The Domus Mala, where he also lives in the quite homely bunkers, with Atrum’s adivsors, including the one who found him, Sospes.

Invenit was eagerly waiting the arrivial of any new decrees from the returing Atrum. Maybe a new alliance? Law? Anything could be good.

Wait, what did he just hear? Yes, Atrum said “allied in an Igne-Lumen War.” That is so not what Invenit was hoping for. Now he would have to do extra work as an assistant advisor and he maybe even be drafted into the military fighting against a territory he kinda liked. Ooh, good thing he kept that in his thoughts.

Invenit went straight to Sospes, his father figure, and asked if he may be drafted into fighting in Atrum’s army, the Atra Pugnates, with Lumen. Or even worse, drafted into Igne’s army, the Ignis Milites. After all, he was only 13, he should be too young. But Sospes could never lie to Invenit.

“It is a possibility. You may be a young age, but you are on the Concilium Consultationis, which means you work directly for Atrum. There’s a larger possibility that he’ll see you more than any other young lads, and that might spark an idea for him to draft you.”

“’s not fair!” Invenit shouted.

“I know, Invenit, but remember Atrum’s saying, the Codex Ordo, ‘Fiat voluntas tua, sicut fortis ut’. Thy will is as strong as you make it.”

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