Hello, you are reading Heroes: Chapter 10, of the series Regime.

Chapter 10 - Igne

The trio started on their journey towards Igne’s territory. Because Vitam territory was in the center of the rest, by changing direction from when they arrived, they could see the rock spires and eternal flames right away. Invenit noticed that Carissima held a look of revenge the whole way there.

When they finally were inside the rock wall of Igne’s territory, they found the place to be surprisingly barren. I guess no big fights here yet, or they already passed. It was already 3 days into the war, a lot could’ve happened. Igne’s Palace loomed in the distance, seeming to call for the trio of adventurers.

After a while of walking, and still no signs of life, the three were upon the doors of Igne’s Palace.

“Carissima, you ready to do this? Clausis?” Invenit asked the two.

Both replying “Yes.”, the three burst through the doors, into Igne’s Throne Room. As they expected, Igne, in his rock forme, was sitting there, surprisingly without any guards.

His voice shook all their heads, and filled the room with a deep, evil aura.

“ are the three ‘heroes’ that killed Militen Obscuri and have traveled the land, just looking to smite all ‘evil’, I bet. Tell me, did you ever think once that maybe evil is not as it seems?”

Carissima spoke, with passionate anger, “Stop playing games! YOU killed my own father! That is evil, cold and heartless! You cannot spin this!!”

Igne, taken back a little, stood from his chair, “SO, you choose to disregard my mindgame. Very smart minds, you are. Too bad I have to crush them into the spires of rock and fire!!”

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