Hero Garlic is an item appearing in The Wario-Man. Its only ability is that it allows Wario to transform into Wario-Man within seconds of eating it.


Hero Garlic began as regular Garlic, although ordered in an unusual quantity (over 500 pounds) by WarioWare, Inc. Wario awoke from a traumatizing nightmare just as the early-morning shipment arrived. Determined to help the world as a superhero, Wario ordered his staff to supercharge the Garlic bulbs.


Hero Garlic, despite its bloated appearance, does not make the consumer a giant. It simply allows impossible amounts of energy to flood the consumer's cellular structure. This flooding results in the creation of a superhero with, presumably, all the powers of Wario-Man.


Hero Garlic is noted for its bloated appearance (caused by the supercharge process) and its Wario-like mustache (a side-effect of being so close to Wario)

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