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in Super Smash Bros. Havoc
Universe Magical Starsign
Availability Hidden
Final Smash Nova Sword

Hero is a playable character and newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Havoc, and must be unlocked before becoming available. A magician in training who crash lands on a planet in an attempt to save his teacher, Miss Madeline, and defeat the evil space pirate, Master Kale, the Hero learns many dark and light-type spells, and brings them with him to the battlefield. Hero is a mid-ranged fighter who specializes in projectile attacks, but also has several strong physical moves.

Hero also has the Heroine as an alternate costume.

How to Unlock

  • ???


Special Moves

  • Neutral Special: Blood Money - Two purple orbs circle Hero and then launch forward. If they hit a player, they will deal damage and then return to Hero, and restore 2% of health.
  • Side Special: Dazzle Darts - Hero shoots a purple dart into the air, which turns into a ball of energy and then radiates rays of electricity that deal damage.
  • Up Special: Arclight - Hero summons a giant, damage dealing column of light where he is and then quickly ascends it.
  • Down Special: Prism Barrier - Hero creates a prism around him that protects him from damage and reflects projectiles. It disappears after three seconds.
  • Final Smash: Nova Sword - Hero slices in front of him with a sword made of light. If a player is hit, the sword ascends into the sky and starts repeatedly slashing the trapped player, and then finishes off with a quick, powerful jab that sends them flying across the stage.


Palette Swaps

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