Full Name Hermes
Current Age 35
Gender Male
Species Lizardman
Location Jamaica
Main Weapon(s) Sol Sword
Ability/ies Fire Related
Height 3 ft 2 in
Weight 230 lbs
Hermes is a Character that will appear in the game "Savage Fighters". He is a lizard from Jamaica who is addicted to pot. Although he is stoned out of his mind most of the time, he can still fight relatively well. He can use his Sol Sword (A solar powered sword that heats up drastically when exposed to any kind of light.) to slash at his enemies.

Personality Traits

Hermes is a pot addict who is very relaxed. He was not happy when he was chosen to be a Savage Fighter, but he will do his best.

Fighting Moves

Along with his Sol Sword, he can use a variety of punches with his stretchable limbs along with different fire related attacks.

A Button: Punch (Punches opponent)

A + >/<: Long Punch (Stretches out his limbs to reach enemies)

A + ^: Upper Punch (Swings his arms upward, in order to deal damage)

A + v: Smackdown (Slams into the ememy fist first)

B Button: Sol Slice (Burns opponents with the Sol Sword)

B + >/<: Fire Punch (Lights fists on fire so that it will burn enemy)

B + ^: Match Juggle (Throws 3 matches into air, will damage enemies when they fall)

B + v: Sol Downslash (Slices downwards with the Sol Sword, causing major damage)

A + B + >/<: Fire Long Punch (Like a long punch, but burns the enemy)

B + >/< + A: Fireball (Throws a ball of fire at the enemy)

Final Blow: Fire Starter (Throws a bunch of Matches on the ground, and then slashes them with the Sol Sword, causing major damage.