Herbert Waldstein
Waldstein's basic appearance
Full Name Waldstein
Species ½ Human,
½ Duck
Class Professor

Professor Herbert George Waldstein, more commonly known as Waldstein, is a famous inventor from the year 2068, and the creator of a teleportation necklace and a time machine.


In the year 2058, Herbert stumbled across the notes for the scientific calculations needed to create a time machine. The notes, written by a man named Joseph Ni, detailed how opening a portal into the space in-between dimensions, later named "Chaos Space", would allow for the ability to travel between two points in time. Using this knowledge, Herbet started work on a machine that would tear a hole in the fabric of space and time, and in 2066, his work was completed.

However, upon showing his prototype to a group of investors, he encountered a mishap upon attempting to travel back to 1969 to see Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walk on the Moon. However, what his calculations did not foresee, is that travelling through Chaos Space would badly damage the cells inside of one's body. Additionally, exiting Chaos Space will combine the person with an object, should they choose an exit point being inside of something. In 1969, Herbert exited Chaos Space, and merged with a duck. Scared of his new form, he created an exit portal back, but became trapped in Chaos Space.


As a Human, Herbert was a Caucasian male, with short, black hair and green eyes. He had pale skin, and his face was permanently in a scowl while he worked. He stood at about 6'2", and was lanky. He had a scar on his left hand, which he got from an accident "regarding a cat, and my genius".

As a duck-like man, Herbert is covered with grey feathers, and has a long, blue strand of hair sticking almost straight up from the top of his head. He has a large, orange bill, and wears his teleportation necklace - the only article of clothing that did not disappear upon his merging with the duck. He has two long feathers sticking out like a tail: one being yellow, and one being green. His feet are webbed and orange. He now stands at about 7'3".

Game Appearances

Herbert was originally to appear in the now-cancelled title Time Souls.


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