"Trimite armata la opt o ceas ". Este timpul pentru invazia."

"Yes, sir. But are the Chitauri ready?"

"Indeed. We've been planning this battle for awhile. That was a my Roman speaking kicking in a second ago."

"Ok...I guess. But is all of this planning...necessasary?"

"Yes, Tak. All of it."

"If you say so, sir. Goodbye."

"Goodbye, Tak."

He hung up.

"Dang, that Tak! Ask questions later, and do the mission NOW!!! Maybe I should betray her when I'm done..."

A knock on the throne room door startled the man. He soon cleared his throat and welcomed the guest.

"Come in, Venom."

A black, muscular creature came in. It had a large body, rippling with muscles. A big white spider symbol was on his back and front torso. It had pure white eyes, a LONG tounge, and fangs that could rival even a sharks.

"Ssssir, we've found more of the the crysssstalssss you wanted to ssssteal."

"Very well, Venom. Direct the Monty Moles and Tunnel to the mines."

"Yessss, ssssir."

Venom ran out of the room, giggling with glee.

"Soon, when we're done with the operation, we'll rule the world! There will be no more heroes to back us down! Even if it means destroying the ones who assist me, I'll win!"

"Even if it means death."

"Even if it means that."



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