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This is an article being written by the Henry Mails and the King's Legion. Do not edit unless you are a member of one of these groups.

Henry Mails vs. The King's Legion is an upcoming fighting video game. The game features the members of the Henry Mails and The King's Legion fighting against each other.



Playable Characters

Name Description Member of
Marina Currently N/A Henries
Rick Currently N/A Henries
Nick An obnoxious emo kid. Though unathletic and weak, he has ROBOT ARMS. Henries
Ham The youngest in the henries and the second youngest in this game, older than Sketch by less than a year. He is a speed-based character, focusing on defense and dodging rather than actually attacking. He dons a blue hoodie and can attack with a rather weak sword. He can charge up energy attacks to use as projectiles. Henries
Tucker Currently N/A Henries
Hayden Currently N/A Henries
Steli Currently N/A Henries
Tom Currently N/A Henries
Crimson The leader of the King's Legion and such, and a...not good one at that (or so he says). He's a psychopath with little feelings on himself. Crimson has clothes similar to that of King Arthur, representing his position as leader of his group. He attacks with a violet lance, the violet color represents his heart color. Even though he has a lance, he is mainly based on self defense and preservation, and his lance can actually act as a shield to certain attacks. Legion
CSketch Just a random kid that found the site of Fantendo and joined King's Legion because why not, he isn't very strong in terms of meelee attacks, as he is a more tactical fighter, he uses mayn different items to attack as he is too weak to fight on his own. Legion
Dark Currently N/A Legion
Lumoshi A giant nerd who attacks with math equations, Beethoven, airbending and shipping himself with Korra. Legion
Jake Jake is a downer who expresses himself (maybe?) in writing. He attacks using a giant pencil, which he uses as a sword, and can utilize the same powers as the HACKED character of the same name. Legion
White Currently N/A Legion
Locky hes comes straight from the wild wild west, while shooting some b-ball outside school and being a men in black and being love with ben afleck op Legion
Wario The snarkiest snark of all snark. He attacks with writing and Video Games moves. His air game is abysmal and he's not very fast, but his attack power is high and he cannot be grabbed or launched easily. Legion

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