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The Henry Mails is a group of users from the Fantendo community. The users are all part of a Skype group that is just a chatroom exclusive to the users of the group. A few of the users in the group no longer go to the community and are somewhat exclusive to the group. Please note that you cannot ask to join the group.


In August of 2012, the user Marina would often have video chats with the user Steli. One time, they wanted to do a group video chat with the two along with Tenshi and Mid. They were not able to video chat because at the time group video chats cost money, though the group stayed and was known as the Henry Mails. They all would chat there frequently.

A few months later, Spark and Mapman joined the group. Peira joined for a very short amount of time, he was removed almost two weeks after he had joined. Later, both Hayden and Doh joined. An argument between Mid and Spark broke out, and Mid left the group for good at some point.

Tom then joined the group. Elise, who did not want to stay in the group for long, joined and actually became a permanent member. Rick also later joined. At this time, Doh went on a really long hiatus and was removed from the group. A few arguments took place yet again and Mapman and Tenshi both left the group.

Doh came back from his break after users noticed him on other sites and he returned. He was added back to the group. A while later, Tucker also joined the group. Spark, however, became angry during an argument and it was agreed that he should leave the group. Doh was also removed from the group later due to his inactiveness in the group and also the fact that the other members felt distant from him.

A while later, there were several incidents taking place with Elise and she was finally removed from the group. After this, due to the fact that Spark was only not in the group because Elise was, Spark returned to the group. Ham was also added to the group, making the final roster of the Henries complete for a while. After some time, Hayden decided to leave the community for real, even leaving Henries and other Fantendo groups. Doh became active again on skype, joining the Henries once again. Months later, Hayden came back to the community and rejoined the group once again.



Name Joined During
Marina August 2012 (Original creation of the group)
Steli August 2012 (Original creation of the group)
Nick October 2012
Samuel February 2013
Hayden February 2013
Tom April 2013
Rick July 2013
Tucker February 2014
Taylor September 2014

Former Memebers

Name Joined During Left During
Tenshi August 2012 (Original Creation of the Group) May 2014
Mid August 2012 (Original Creation of the Group) March 2013
Mapman October 2012 February 2014
Sora January 2013 February 2013
Elise June 2013 September 2014


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