Henry Islands
Henry Islands with cities and roads
Current Capital Henria
First Appearance  ???
Latest Appearance  ???
Current Ruler Henry Mails
Current Inhabitant(s)
Humans, wildlife

The Henry Islands are an island archipelago, created by the Henry Mails and confirmed to be in an upcoming game, about which further details are still unknown.


The Henry Islands consist of a total of 10 countries; each Henry Mail member owns one of them and the remaining 10th country is the capital area.


Main article: Henria

The house of the government is located in the center of this humongous city. It is both a city and a province, due to its large size. It is the largest populated state.


Main article: Marinia

Ruled by Marina, it is located to the south of the largest island. As shown on the map, it contains a number of two large cities. It has a series of very small islands to the left, and a slightly larger one to the south.


Main article: Yataland

Ruled by Elise, it is located to the southeast of the largest island and is shown to have two large cities.


Main article: Tenshika

Ruled by Ángel, it is located in the very center of the archipelago. It has one large city.


Main article: Stilioseland

Ruled by Steli. It is located to the east of Dohvakia. It is the smallest island, but not the least populated. It is shown to have one large city on the map.


Main article: Dohvakia

Ruled by Doh, it is the second smallest island, being only bigger than Stilioseland. It is shown to have one large city. It is the southmost island.

Unknown provinces

The other 4 countries have not been officially named yet. They are ruled by Tom, Nick, Hayden, and Rick. They are the long island in the top, the rightmost island with three cities, the one below that, and the top half of the larger island, respectively.

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