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Chapter written by Dehydration's Grasp (tbc), RosettaChiko (tbc), Ziegs (tbc), and YoshiEgg (tbc).

“This sure is a great hat. I feel ready for winter, now that I have this hat,” said Nicholas.

"Your face sure is a great face," Marina responded as a completely necessary comeback. "I feel ready to punch your face, now that I am looking at it."

“I want a hat too! Can I have one?” shouted Samuel. “I want a muffin one!”

"Yes," said Nick generously. "Hats are important. We all need at least one hat.”

"Well," Marina started, "we don't have that many hats."

“You know what… I want to build a dohman.” said Samuel. “Guys help me, I want to build a big one.”

"Thaht is a puhfect idea," said Stelios in his notably heavy accent.

“Okay, but only if I can give it the remaining hat,” Nicholas agreed.

"But..." Rick wept. "That was my hat..."

Samuel had already started rolling up the snow. They had, of course, been outdoors in the snow the entire time. Sam walked around in the snow until the ball was tall enough to his knees.

“Wait, I’ve got an idea!” said Nick. He grabbed a rope from his backpack, which he always all the time carried around.

“What are you going to do with that?” asked Samuel.

Nick tied a loop around himself and threw the middle of the rope around the snowball.

“The good old-fashioned Christmas noose.” remarked Tucker, who had trekked four hundred miles in the snow to get to this very spot.

"What the nederlandisch ufo are you doing?" asked Tom to Nick.

“Watch!” Nick began walking up the hill, dragging the snowball with him. “This way we don’t have to push it!!”

“YEAH BITCH, PHYSICS!” said Jesse.

"Okay, nice, we've got two snowballs," said Marina. "We can put the Dohman together now!"

"Two snowballs?" asked Taylor. "Add nineteen and you have Lumoshi's favorite number!"

Everyone heartily laughed at the good joke. But that only lasted about four seconds. Tucker continued to laugh as one of his frostbitten fingers snapped off like an icicle.

Samuel put one snowball on top of the other to create the main structure for the Dohman.

"Okay m8s, now who has some buttons?" asked Stelios.

“Buttons? Hmmm, hey look, Rick’s jacket has some!” said Samuel.

"But it's cold!" exclaimed Rick.

“Yeah whatever, Rick can we borrow your buttons?” asked Samuel.

Rick reluctantly but generously handed over a few buttons from his jacket over to Samuel.

“Guys please! Are you going to take off all of my clothes just for the Dohman?” asked Rick worriedly. “I-I’m f-freezing!”

"Okay!" Marina continued. "Now, Nicholas, put on the hat!"

"But I'm already wearing a hat," said Nick.

"I mean on the Dohman," said Marina.

“But I’m wearing the other hat too,” said Nicholas, who was wearing many hats. “I am kind and generous though and will allow this Dohman to borrow one.” Nicholas took one hat off and put it on the Dohman.

“Something is missing…” said Tom.

“A nose, obviously,” said Tucker. He cautiously approached the Dohman with his severed finger, attempting to place it as its nose.

“T-Tucker are you okay?” asked Samuel worriedly. “Ew I’d be crying and crawling on the floor in pain if I were you…”

“I cannot feel anything,” Tucker replied.

"Whoa WHOA" shouted Taylor who was only a baby having to deal with such imagery.

So, the Dohman was complete. Suddenly, it began to move around. It was able to breathe in, and then it looked over to the group.

“Shiver me timbers I’m alive.” said the Dohman.

“Are you a pirate?” asked Nick.

“Aye matey, ye shouldn’t ‘ave given me a finger for a nose. I’m a severely messed up dohman.”

"How are you alive?" Marina asked.

“Hey I can pirate talk too!!” shouted Taylor and started making pirate noises. “YAAARGH! Walk on da plank Marina!”

"This snow be radioactive. It be this way from the North Pole's Civil War of 2014!"

"What, mate?" asked Steli. "How in bloody hell is the snow radioactive?"

“Santa and Sinterklaas be havin’ a nuclear war. Started out as a wee conflict, it did. But then the rumor spread that Sinterklaas ‘ad been experimenting on reindeer, and Santa broke out the nukes.”

“Oh no! Radioactive snow doesn’t sound good at all, what about the penguins? Will they die? I love penguins!” exclaimed Samuel.

"Aye, the entire North Pole is gone. In the end what happened is Sinterklaas's minions were destroyed in the nuclear explosion. Sinterklaas survived and went to Santa himself to fight him. Santa pulled his secret weapon, which in the end fused Santa and Sinter together for life. They have now become one being known as Himmelklaus."

“So we have to save Christmas?” asked Tom.

“Who said anything about ye savin’ Chrismus matey? Yer all fucked. Nothing you can do about it.”

“But the penguins died…” said Samuel as tears were falling from his eyes.

“Shut up Sam.” said Rick in annoyance.

"That sure is tragic," Marina said sarcastically. "But what does the snow in the North Pole have to do with the snow here?"

“I presume that, since the North Pole is the world’s primary snow distributor, it being radioactive makes the entire world radioactive,” explained Nick.

"Okay, it's been fun mates but I am heading back to the snow world," the Dohman said. He quickly melted.

“Well, rip,” said Nick. “I guess I should take that hat back, in case we need to make any more snowmen.”

"Do we save Christmas from Himmelklaus?" Samuel asked.

"Feck yeah we do!" shouted Steli.

“Well, we should build a snowmobile,” said Nicholas. “Powered by radioactive snow.”

"Oh, no," said Marina. "Are we going to travel around the world and save it AGAIN."

“Yes,” said Tom. “Yes, we are.”

“Also,” said Samuel. “Won’t we need weapons to fight with?”

“Yes,” said Tom. “Yes, we will.”

“Hey, there’s a note where the Dohman was,” said Nicholas. “I will pick it up and read it for you.” Nicholas leaned down and picked up the note. “Okay, it says: ‘Oh yeah I forgot here are some things to use if you actually want to fight Himmelklaus. Look in the puddle I melted to become.’”

“I found this,” said Tucker. He had pulled an entire snowmobile out of the puddle, also with a chest in the back seat of it. There were four other seats that could fit two people each so they all could ride in it. It was powered by radioactive snow as well.

“Okay, cool,” said Marina. “What’s in the chest?”

Taylor opened up the chest. There were four weapons inside for them to fight with. A longsword, a rocket launcher, speedy gloves, and a hat.

“Wot a blahst to the pahst, eh m8s?” asked Steli.

“Only four things,” said Rick.

“I’ll take the hat,” said Nicholas. He took the hat from the chest and put it on his head over his many other hats that were on his head.

“So... Does it give you like super strength or something?” asked Samuel.

“No,” said Nicholas. “It’s just a cool hat.”

“I’ll take the sword,” said Marina. “It’s the coolest weapon and I’m the coolest person here so it fits!” She actually secretly had low self-esteem though.

“I’ll take the Sonic Gloves,” said Samuel.

“And I’ll take the rocket launcher!” exclaimed Taylor.

“Alright so I guess that’s all of the people who will be fighting in the group,” said Samuel. “Now that it’s been decided, we should go to the North Pole now!”

The entire group got into the sleigh. Sitting in the driver’s seat was the oldest member, Steli, who pressed a switch and the sled moved towards the north. The group was now towards their destination to save Christmas.

End of chapter.

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