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Henry Carter
Full Name Henry Carter
Date of Birth October 8th, 1924
Gender Male
Location Florence, Italy
Current Status Alive (Turning Point)
Class Agent of Revolution
First Appearance Fantendo - Turning Point

Henry Carter is an engineer and agent of Revolution. An Italian-American, Carter joined Revolution to escape anti-immigrant sentiment and to put his skills to the test.

He's a primary character in Fantendo - Turning Point. Reception for the character has been (TBA).


Fantendo - Turning Point

Physical Appearance

Henry Carter is a 25-year old white man with dark flat hair, dim green eyes, and a mustache, as well as sharp eyebrows. He's tall and skinny, and always wears a purple jacket, green tie, and purple top hat.


Henry Carter is a human with no special powers, but is a very skilled engineer, being better than most. He can work with very little and make useful gadgets in a small period of time.

Besides his engineering skills, he's a decent shot and also very book smart, being knowledgeable on most subjects one can think of.


Henry is an egotist, believing himself to be one of the best and boasting whenever he can find the time. In addition, he's a womanizer who has lots of shallow relationships that rarely last.

Despite his negative qualities, he does genuinely have a good heart and wants to do good. When things get tough and he has to focus completely, he can be incredibly useful and smart.

Henry is not a big fan of the government or police or society for that matter, viewing their treatment of immigrants to be disgusting. Having suffered this discrimination, he hates it in all forms no matter who it's directed to.