This is about the character. For the user, see User:Kirbystar247

Henry is a character from the game Fantendo Theme Park


Henry lives next door to Fantendo Theme Park. Like the user Kirbystar247, he is often lonely and wants to be friends with people, mainly Doh and Plaz. In a nutshell, however, Henry is quick to strike and protect anyone in need.

Age and Hobbies

At the age of 12, he is a fan of the Nintendo 3DS, a great artist and also a Master Ninja. By inserting an SD Memory Card into his knife he can fire energy balls at impostors and teleport to safety, and clog computer systems so he and his friends can defeat an enemy without leaving their basement.


Fantendo Theme Park

Henry is the main hero of the game, using his cyber knife and by throwing homing ninja stars. He can also fire intimidating blue lasers from his eyes with help from his special headgear which converts eye colours into lasers. The knife and headgear can be purchased at the Market for 10000 Coins each.


Doh: Medium

Plaz: Medium

KMM: Good

Mix: Good

Jess: Good

Luma: Bad

Emily: Bad

SGY: Medium

Ham: Medium

Fantendo Sports Tourney

Henry is a member of Team Blue. He is the 'Basketball Player' of the team and can steal balls and throw enemies with his knife.

Team Combos

With Mix: Protects the ball while Mix charges fire energy, then throws the ball to Mix who launches it on fire.

With Ham: Charges energy while Ham throws meat at the opposition. Throws the ball to Ham who throws it on a piece of steak.

With Mix and Ham: Downloads a program while Mix protects the ball and Ham throws steak. The three then jump up and tap a holographic keyboard, causing the program to launch the ball.

Rest TBA...


  • Henry is one of three characters in Theme Park to have more than one of their equipment pieces in the shop. The others are Jess and Mix.
  • Henry's equipment pieces in the shop are the cheapest in the game, tied with Lumoshi's cap and 2000 less than Doh's mallet.
  • Henry is the youngest playable character in both Fantendo Games.
  • Henry's bad chemistry with Lumoshi is because the latter was once responsible for blocking the former AND removed his chat licence several times.
  • His bad chemistry with Emily is because she once had the tendency to LECTURE him on Kirby (Really, why Kirby lecture a Kirby Master?)
  • Henry has the lowest morale in both games, and in Theme Park the third lowest strength beating Jess and Lumoshi.
  • He is also the weakest physically-based character in the game, with Jess and Lumoshi being more magically-based.
  • He is even outclassed by another magically-aligned character, Plaz.
  • Henry makes up for this, however, by having the joint-highest speed with Jess.

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