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Hemu Kid
Full Name Hemu
Current Age 12-13(Project Hemu Game 1/PHG1), 35-36(Project Hemu Game 2/PHG2)
Gender Male
Location Apple Valley/Unkown
Current Status Alive
Class Anti-Hero//Kleptomaniac/Headbanger-Punk
Main Weapon(s) Laser Sword, Claw Hands, Gun Hand, Bare Hands
Ability/ies Mechanized Arm, Master Thief
Latest Appearance TBA(Codenamed Project Hemu Game 2
Family and Relations
Mom, Dad, Sister, Meredith(girlfriend(PHG1), wife(PHG2)), Tucker, Tedworth, Jesse/Julius(Adopted Sons), Brooke(Adopted Daughter), Fillet(Adoptive Father)
Hemanth, Professor, Daddy, Kana, Jet, Superior Overlord of Science

Hemu is a boy who is set to appear in the Project Hemu Games.

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