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The Fantendo Babblecoaster™ is meant to be a fun journey in the IRC world where anyone can chat with anyone else in Fantendo.

If you have any trouble using the Fantendo Babblecoaster™', look below for more information. Also be sure to adhere to the rules listed below.

How to Start the Ride


The newest way of accesing the Babblecoaster is through the forums! On the forums, at the top of the page you should see Live Chat. Click on that and put in your username and password for the forums to access the Babblecoaster. Everything works pretty much the same.

Fantendo's Applet

The easiest way to get to the Babblecoaster is, Fantendo's Applet, specially designed by Shroobario. Special thanks to Pikipedia for the coding so that the applet would work into the MediaWiki system.

Direct IRC Link

If your browser supports IRC (like Opera), or if you have an IRC plugin installed for your browser you can click here to go directly to the ride. This also works for some stand-alone IRC clients that are associated with irc:// URLs in your browser.

(If you are using FireFox or any other Mozilla based browser, you can get the ChatZilla IRC plugin to use this method.)


To contact the chat through Mibbit, use this link.

Manual Way

Or just point your irc client to the coordinates of the ride:

port: 6667
channel: #fantendo

Web-based CGI:IRC client

If neither of those worked, go to this place to begin the ride. You have to change the #darkmyst part to #fantendo, and choose a nickname.

Teh Rules

Fantendo is not responsible for any lost items, injuries or death.
By getting on the Fantendo Babblecoaster™, you accept our terms and conditions:
  1. Do not flame people. [Flaming is considered deliberately offending and provoking people.]
  2. Do not spam.
  3. Do not abuse op powers [kicking/banning people without reason].
  4. No porno links, sexual harassment, or overly graphic sexual content.
  5. Do not impersonate other users.
  6. Do not ask for personal information (except from a consenting party, in which case it should be taken to PM.)

Operators reserve the right to kick unruly users off their seat while the coaster is in motion. These will usually be either sysops or other trustworthy users.

Coaster Commands

Basic Commands

Here are a few of the many commands you can use in the coaster:

  • /j #roomname – open another room in the ride.
  • /nick [nickname] – how to change your name
  • /query [username] – a way tab to talk in private with a someone else.
  • /me [blah blah] – a fancy way of referring to yourself
  • /server [] – go to another ride in the IRC World. Sometimes, you will leave our ride depending on which kind of IRC client you are using.

NickServ Commands

These can change your nickname preferences.

  • /msg NickServ REGISTER [password] [email] – how to make sure no one can impersonate you. Everytime you change your nick, you must identify yourself, shown below
  • /ns identify [password] – if you registered your name, this is how you enter your password
  • /msg NickServ KILL [nickname] [password] – if you fail to enter your name within the time limit, this is what you do to get your name back.
  • /msg NickServ SET password [new password] – if you want to change your password, this is how you do it. You must identify yourself first.
  • /msg NickServ DROP [password] – if you want to unregister your nick, this is how you drop it

GameServ Commands

Game Service is on the coaster to provide entertainment. Here are the commands he can do.

  • /msg GameServ BOTTLE #fantendo – spin the bottle
  • /msg GameServ RPS #fantendo – rock, paper, scissors
  • /msg GameServ EIGHTBALL #fantendo [question] – magic 8 ball
  • /msg GameServ ROLL #fantendo [#]d[#] – dice roll*`calc [#]+\-\*\/[#] – cheats your math homework for you
  • /msg GameServ NPC #fantendo [npcname] [put "action" or "msg"] [message or action] – makes an NPC say or do something

Fantendo's Applet Commands

Help below will work only in Fantendo's Applet. Any help above still apply.

  • To change your nick, type your new nick in the Change nick to box.
  • To change your text color choose a color at the Color Panel above the Change nick to box.

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