The series is a magical adventure-fantasy where they are club of heroines "Hello Yoshi" and the other (spin-off) are "Dry bones and friends", "Pink Yoshi and friends", "Mario and friends" and "Princesses" and villains as "Bowser and villans" and "Koopalings"

The series that goes in the fictional universe created by a magical God and discover the incomplete past, adventure, turn into fairy (species) of forces, to turn something magical suite or special power, defeat enemies and even spin offs: short fun films, drama , lifestyle, culture, kart, party, school, concert, real life cosplays, smash, real stories and sports

Before Noddy appeared initially before the other in 1949, after the Hello Kitty in 1975, Mario in 1981, and Yoshi appeared in 1990 "Super Mario World" but the real title is "Hello Yoshi" for the first time in 1991 (Portugal in 2013 )