Hellinsburgh is a series of interactive blogs made by CSketch where people get to ask and guide an amnesiac boy with the name of Michael across the strange and bizarre world of Hellinsburgh



Episode 1

  • Michael: Amnesiac boy who woke up in the strange land of Hellinsburgh for no apparent reason. Main protagonist of the series.
  • Doggie: A dog owned by a wealthy family before leaving and starting a new life of his own. Doggie usually talks with a rich english accent and tries to be as gentlemanly as possible whenever he's not in a fight. He used to be one of the best fighter dogs in Hellinsburgh before being owned by a wealthy family.
  • Clive: An energetic cloud (literally) who's always excited and anxious, emitting bursts of energy ocassionally. Clive lives in a house with his brother Blonz and they're both known for making parties for no apparent reason.
  • Blonz: Blonz, unlike his brother, is way more calm and chilled out. He joins Michael's gang as a payback for Michael saving him.
  • Coda: Coda is a wealthy man, owner of a big enterprise in Hellinsburgh, but he's more than just a rich man, Coda is also a deity in Hellinsburgh but he almost never uses his power, preferring to send others to do his job. Main antagonist of the series.
  • SnakeLady: One of Coda's most trusted allies, being sent as a "punishment" for those who ask for money and don't pay back (which is most of the time due to the company's cruel interest rate). SnakeLady may not be the smartest (which is clearly shown in the way she talks) but she may very well be the strongest, using her tail (which has a blade at the end) as a weapon.