Hellfire Speedway is an upcoming racing game and spin-off of the Hellfire Fighters series. 





Image Name Kart Skill Type Franchise
Mariossbi Mario Standard Kart M


100px-SSB Mario Series
Mariosonic sonic Sonic Speed Star Speed Demon SSB Sonic Series
Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope Likkety Split Speed Demon Wreckitralphcherry
Alpha Alpha TBA Skill TOME SYMBOL
DipperGFArt Dipper Multi-Bear Balanced Gravity Falls Icon
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu Hatsune Miku TBA Skill Vocaloidcon
Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle TBA Balanced MLP FiM Series
KTD Kirby artwork Kirby Warp Star Balanced SSB Kirby Series
DiamondMinecart Dan Diamond Minecart Skill Social-youtube-logo-grey


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