Hellfire Fighters 3: Days of Darkness
Developer(s) NovaPen Productions
Publisher(s) NovaPen Productions
Platform(s) The V2, Pacifico
Release Date(s)
TBA 2017
Single player, multiplayer, co-op, online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Umbrella, Fighting
Series Hellfire Fighters (series)

Hellfire Fighters 3: Days of Darkness is the third game in the main Hellfire Fighters series and the fifth overall. It is the first game in the series to be done by someone else entirely.

The game was adopted by Exotoro (tbc), known for her past work in the Fighters of Lapis and The Mysterious X Project series. The game was then adopted by NovaPen (tbc), known for his work in basically games that haven't really been made on this site such as Dynasty Warriors X and WWE 2K17.



Playable CharactersEdit


Starting CharactersEdit

Character Description
Super mario render brothers by nibroc rock-d8x9ljm
SSB Mario Series
What would an umbrella game be without Nintendo's flagship character, Mario? Mario hails from, well, the Super Mario Bros. series and had an innocent career in plumbing. It was a steady job but then turtles kidnapped a princess and mushrooms enlisted two plumbers on saving her... yeah. It's a bit of a clusterfuck but it is the best-selling franchise.
Sasha banks stat
Sasha Banks
"The Boss" of World Wrestling Entertainment, Sasha Banks. A cool fact about her; her cousin is Snoop Dogg! She is a laid-back girl in real life, liking K-pop and the Sailor Moon anime. However, in the ring, be wary as she is dangerous and crafty, looking to lock in the bridging crossface she calls the Bank Statement.