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Hellfire Fighters 2: Dawn of Cipher is the second game in the Hellfire Fighters series and the sequel to Hellfire Fighters . It is a colab being made by the Order of Hellfire. (with the exception of Dark, who has lost interest in the group)

As of January 1, 2014, it is the rival game of The Mysterious Five Project. May the best colab win! It now has a sequel, Hellfire Fighters 3: Days of Darkness.


There are 6 gamemodes: Cipher Rising, Hellfire, King of the Hill, Minigames, Music Maker, and Tourney.

  • Cipher Rising: The story mode! It has up to 3 players, and is based on the SSE from Brawl.
  • Hellfire: Your standard VS mode. Up to 6 players can play.
  • King of the Hill:  You choose a character and you fight all of the other characters one at a time, each one has a different hazard based on the character's franchise (e.g: If you fight Mario, Koopas and Goombas will walk around and attack you.)
  • Minigames: It works similarly to the minigame mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings.
  • Music Maker: Where you can mix songs in the game to create your own soundtracks, and play them during battle.
  • Tourney: TBA 


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Intro Music: TBA

Playable Characters



Image Character Description Franchise
Mariossbi Mario Mario returns to fight! (what a surprise) He attacks with Go-Karts, Koopa Shells, and his power-ups.  SSB Mario Series
Super Luigi ! Luigi

Like his bro, Luigi rejoins the battle! He uses his poltergeist, or can get help from Polterpup and the Luiginoids.

SSB Mario Series
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo For some reason, these are enough to scare Luigi out of his overalls. These guys can only do any significant damage with items, but they can also possess other characters by licking them. SSB Mario Series
Download (81)m64 Mario 64

Mario's first 3D form joins the battle! M64 can ride on Koopa Shells, throw Bob- ombs, and use the three Cap power- ups.

SSB Mario Series
Rosalina Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Rosalina The "mother" of the Lumas, she attacks with her magic, the Star Spin, or can get help from Lumas. SSB Mario Series
Melee brawly peachy by gentlemanly-d5brl8c Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, Peach attacks with Toads, Tennis Rackets, Frying Pans, or her emotion powers.  SSB Mario Series
Sonicinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Sonic Sonic speeds back in! He fights with his spin dash attack, or can use wisp abilities. He isn't that strong though, but he is one of the fastest characters in the game. SSB Sonic Series
Vray adventures 3 0 custom tails winning pose by josh98 official page-d6a3gmr Tails Sonic's best pal rejoins the fight! He uses his machines to fight and can fly. He also is able to enter his mech from SA2, which slows him down, but he is a lot stronger. SSB Sonic Series
Ashura by jackydik-d5h27at Ashura The famous glitch from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (I think,) Ashura uses glitched versions of Sonic's moves and can mess up the stage to give him an advantage (because,well,glitch) SSB Sonic Series
Alpha Alpha Alpha, the main protagonist of TOME, rejoins the fight! Unlike in the original Hellfire Fighters, Alpha is unlocked from the get-go. He uses his abilities based on the greek gods or can temporarily transform into Demon Alpha, which gives him a boost in speed and strength, but if he uses it for too long, it starts to take away of his health. TOME SYMBOL
Flamegirl Flamegirl the Spellcaster and friend of Alpha, Flamegirl attacks with powerful fire blasts.  TOME SYMBOL
PitSmash Pit Pit soars in! He attacks with his bowsword as well as his large array of weapons he gained from KIU. He also can use his wings to fly, but that's a no-brainer.  SSB Kid Icarus Series
Scorpion-mkvsdc-white Scorpion The fierce spectre from the Netherrealm, Scorpion attacks with his swords and his GET OVER HERE! spear. He also can take off his mask and breath fire.  Mortal kombat logo2
Liu kang mk9 Liu Kang The monk of the White Lotus clan, Liu attacks with fireballs, his Bycicle Kick, and can transform into a dragon. Mortal kombat logo2
Johnnytranmkinferno Johnny Cage Johnny Cage returns to the fray, and he attacks with nut punches and can perform film stunts.  Mortal kombat logo2
Kirby L Kirby The popopo from Popstar joins the fight! He can inhale enemies and use his helpers, as well as his hammer. Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros)
LinkSmash Link The hero of Hyrule is here to brawl! He uses his sword and the Triforce to attack. He also can use his large variety of weapons, such as his bow, boomerang and bombs. Zelda Symbol
SSBBRZS ZeldaSheik Zelda / Sheik The princess of Hyrule appears! She attacks with her magic. She can also transform into her alter-ego, Shiek. Zelda Symbol
PikachuH Pikachu Everyone's favourite electric rodent shocks the competion! He uses his tail and electric blasts to attack. SSB Pokémon Series
448LucarioMegaLucario Lucario / Mega Lucario Lucario joins the fray! He attacks with his aura powers, as well as his moves from the Pokemon games. He can also Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario. SSB Pokémon Series
OLIMAR Olimar Olimar is ready to battle! He uses his Pikmin to fight. He can also crash into people with his rocket ship. SSB Pikmin Series
Amigo Tennis Amigo Amigo joins the fray! He can shake his maracas to attack. SO FESTIVE.  Samba de Amigo
Calvin Calvin Calvin is a kid with an overactive imagination. He attacks with snowballs, water balloons, croque hammers, or he can use his alter egos. Calvinhobbessymbol
250px-aizawa inori Inori Aizawa The amazing anime personifaction of Internet Explorer. She can sheild herself and can use her flights and multi-target tab attacks. She can also use cyan lasers and attack with a single tab too. IElogo
ReimuHQ Reimu Hakurei The miko of the Hakurei Shrine and protector of Gensokyo. She attacks using her orbs and her miko-stick-thingy. She also uses her tortoise Genji to help her. HF2 Touhou Icon
MarisaKirisame Marisa Kirisame A human magicain and Reimu's bestfriend. She attacks using her mini-hakkero and her broom. She also stole a few moves from other characters, oh sorry, "borrowed". HF2 Touhou Icon
Italy0 Italy The cowardly gourmet personifaction of Italy. He attacks using his white flag and italian food, which is more effective than it sounds. He also happens to have kept the coo-coo clocks he made for France which he uses for extra attacks. He also kicks and slaps in fear... hmm, reminds me of a certain plumber... Hetalia
Beck Beck Beck is the new Megaman, and he's joining the brawl!. He attacks by turning his arms into weapons and using them in battle. MightyNo9Elb
Bombermanultra200902070 Bomberman Bomberman blasts in! He attacks with bombs, bombs and, you guessed it, bombs! BIcon
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle Princess Twilight Sparkle returns to the battle! She can fly (pretty clumsily) with her new wings and use her alicorn magic to attack. MLP FiM Series
Rainbow dash flying Rainbow Dash This pony is cooler than other ponies, about 20% cooler. She attacks by flying around the stage, trailing rainbows. She can also do her Buckaneer Blaze and a Sonic Rainboom. MLP FiM Series
640px-FluttershyHiRes Fluttershy Fluttershy joins the fray... um, if that's okay with you. She can turn into Flutterbat, as well as using her animal friends and The Stare. MLP FiM Series
Derpy Hooves

The background pony famous for her derpy eyes. Derpy can throw mufins and use bubble wands to fight. She's a bit hard to control, due to her poor sense of direction.

MLP FiM Series
Download (1)fp hf2 Fluffle Puff

The world's fluffiest pony is here to battle! She can trap people in her immense coat of fur, and can float with balloons. Fluffle Puff can also lick people and tackle them, as well as hiding in a cardboard box.

Sky-skydoesminecraft-34231181-204-419 Sky Sky joins the fray! He can attack by throwing Budder Ingots and Nuggets, eating Budder Apples, placing Budder Blocks and swinging his Budder Sword. He can also kill squids. Social-youtube-logo-grey
Baccabetty Jerome The pope of Power-Moves is ready to do some chop-chopping! He attacks with every Bacca's favourite weapon, the axe. Axes include Sylvia, Frederick and Betty. He can also revoke people. Social-youtube-logo-grey
Mr. Stampy Cat Everyone's favourite Stampy Cat joins the fray! He can attack with his overpowered sword and bow. He can also summon Lee to attack enemies for him. Social-youtube-logo-grey
Gaijin Goombah Gaijin Goombah The host of Game Exchange, Gaijing Goombah can use his sword and cultural facts against his enemies.  Social-youtube-logo-grey
Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope That little Glitch joins the fight! She can attack with glitching and her race car. She can also pull a Ralph and wreck the stage. Wreckitralphcherry
SpiderManFull Spiderman Peter Parker was a normal kid, until he got bitten by a radioactive spider that is. He attacks with webshooting and can crawl on walls. He is also very fast and strong. SpidermanLogo
DipperGFArt Dipper The mystery-solving brother of Mable Pines, he attacks by hitting people with Gnomes, golf clubs, or use Babba songs to weaken them.  Gravity Falls Icon
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel The qwerky sister of Dipper Pines, she attacks with her Grappling Hook, Bedazzler, or can get help from Waddles.  Gravity Falls Icon
FoxSSB4 Fox The leader of Team StarFox, he uses his blaster, reflector, and other gadgets, as well as get help from the StarFox fleet. SSBStarFoxEmblem
Mickey-2-psd16624 Mickey Mouse Disney's lovable mascot. He can switch between using a paintbrush and a keyblade. But after a while, the keyblade will need to go on cooldown mode.  DisneyIcon
DataYE Data The main character of KODE KID, Data attacks with his arm cannon, which can transform into different weapons.  Fantendoverse
Ficklepoof3D Flicklepoof Flicklepoof is a gentlemanly hedgehog who fights with gentlemanly attacks, such as pardoning his foes, waving his handkerchief and bowing to his opponents. He is, as you commoners would say, a joke character. Fantendoverse
Untitled19 HF2
Lub Lub

Lub Lub, the absolute KING of pulling pranks, joins in! He can breath fire, throw pies and bombs, and use a samurai sword. Lub Lub can also sprout wings and fly, toss banana peels, and smack people with manhole covers.

Dexter-dexters-laboratory-13130849-445-567 Dexter The young boy with a knack for inventing, Dexter attacks with his wide array of gadgets, similarly to Tails.  Dexterlogo
Kitty Uni-kitty Meow meow neigh, she enters the fray! Uni-Kitty attacks with her horn, her hooves, and turning into Angry Kitty. The LEGO Movie
Steven Universe Steven That dude from that one new show. He attacks with his Crystal Gem powers, which are activated by eating ice cream. He also gets help from his fellow Crystal Gems.  StevenSeries
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve

No, his name isn't "Steve?," for god's sake. He attacks with a diamond sword, his pickaxe, or can eat a golden apple to give him temporary health regeneration. He also can use TNT. BA-BOOM!

Minecraft symbol



Image Character Description Franchise How to Unlock
Donutsteel Donut Steel DS is back again, which shouldn't be a big surprise. He attacks by throwing donuts at foes (???) or can shoot energy beams out of the big hole in the middle of him.  Fantendoverse TBA
160px-SuperMario3DIslandGasparo Gasparo

Oh my gosh, even freaking Dream Boy is more original than this guy. He uses the Super Banana and other power- ups to fight. Other than that, he mostly uses less powerful versions of Mario's moves. 


Win 50 times as Donut Steel.

Lameguy and Fooldude

Flameguy and Cooldude

A couple of lame Fire Emblem rejects, these two attack with blunt sword blows that barely do any damage. It is nearly impossible to win as these guys, I'm telling you. Fantendoverse Lose 75 times.
AVGN PNG AVGN He's the angriest nerd you've ever heard, and he's joining the battle! He attacks with F-Bombs, beer bottles, or can go into his video game armor suit to blast people away.  Angry Video Game Nerd TBA
A-Link-Between-Worlds-Official-Art1-640x533 Past Link Link from another timeline. He can use his normal weapons, or turn into hieroglyphs to dodge attacks. Zelda Symbol Win 30 fights as Link
00000000005hf2 Bowser The Koopa King storms in! Bowser can use his minions to fight, and can breathe fire. He can even use his inhaling attack from M&L: BIS! 100px-SSB Mario Series Win 20 times as Mario.
Yoshi M&SPD Yoshi Yoshi, the adorable dino, joins the battle! Yoshi can eat people and turn them into eggs for throwing, or can turn into his forms from Super Mario Galaxy 2! SSB Yoshi Series Beat Gasparo 20 times.
Hobbes hf2 Hobbes Hobbes the tiger jumps in! Hobbes can pounce people and bite them, or he can use Calvin's transmogrifier to turn into other creatures. Calvinhobbessymbol Win as Calvin 20 times.
Megamansmashbros Mega Man Dr. Light's robot helper turned hero, Mega Man attacks with his Mega Buster and his Robot Master attacks. SSBMegaManEmblem Win as Beck 40 times
Protoman3 Proto Man The first of Dr. Light's heroic fighting robots, Proto Man has a similar moveset to Mega Man, but is much more agile and uses attacks from Robot Masters from the later Mega Man games. SSBMegaManEmblem Lose against Mega Man once.
KRtDL Bandana Dee Waddle Dee The Luigi of Dream Land is here to fight! He can use his spear, and a parasol to attack. He can also heal with a Maxim Tomato. Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros) Win as Kirby 40 times
SSB5 Dedede King Dedede The self-proclaimed king of Dreamland and Kirby's arch-nemesis. His transforming mallet packs a wallop, and his weight and command over his army of baddies are forces to be reckoned with. Kirby Symbol (Paper Smash Bros) Win as Waddle Dee 15 times
Tom Nook Tom Nook The most filthy-stinking-rich tanooki you'll ever meet. He can attack with his heavy bags of Bells, and tools from the Animal Crossing series. SSBAnimalCrossEmblem TBA
AliceM Alice Margatroid The doll-loving youkai magicain is here. Everyone knows she has a thing for Marisa, and attacks with her love for her and puppeteers her dolls, Shangai and Hourai, in a manner similar to Rosalina from SSB. HF2 Touhou Icon win as Marisa 9 times
Sakuya Sakuya The maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She attacks with throwing knifes and freezes time. If another character taunts (like saying she wears pads) she will be infuriated and deal more damage and gain more skill for a short time. HF2 Touhou Icon Beat King of the Hill as Reimu, Alice and Marisa.
HenrytheDerpy Henry Hugglemonster HEY, HEY, HEY!! Have a Henry Hugglemonster day! This idiot monster attacks with sharing, and throwing Huggleballs! He also hypnotizes opponents with his weirdness. Henry Hugglemonster Die as Boo or Gasparo 100 times.
640px-Fluttershed Fluttershed The demonic otherwordly version of Fluttershy. She attacks with her chainsaw and physical beatings. She can also smack people with a bunny skeleton and make it sing to put people to sleep. Social-youtube-logo-grey Lose as Fluttershy 30 times.
DiamondMinecart Dan Otherwise known as TheDiamondMinecart, he attacks with a diamond sword or can get help from Grim. He also can use Pokemon. Social-youtube-logo-grey TBA
0thrckrzd Thrackerzod

An alternate dimension form of Sweetie Belle. She can use teleportation and time travel spells as recovery moves, and can use levitation magic to repel people and attract items. Thrackerzod can also blast people with laser beams.

Social-youtube-logo-grey Win 50 times as Scorpion.
Nyan Cat Emoticon HF2
Nyan Cat It's Nyan Cat! Nyan Cat can ram into people, or summon other Nyan Cats to fight fot her. She can also turn into Rocket Nyan and Super Nyan. Social-youtube-logo-grey Unlock 5 songs.
Grumpygamers clipped rev 2 Game Grumps Hey, he's Grump! And he's Not-So-Grump! Together, Arin and Danny are the Game Grumps! They can take control of the game and play it themselves, and when the Grumps are behind the controller, you'd better watch out! Their Final Smash allows them to transform into the musical supergroup Starbomb to drop some mad beats on the haters. Social-youtube-logo-grey Play 100 matches.
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu Hatsune Miku The famous robotic vocaloid is here! She attacks using her singing, as well as her spring onions. She throws normal sized ones and attacks with her giant one! Vocaloidcon unlock 10 songs
Doctor whooves HF2 Doctor Whooves

The Doctor is in! The Doctor can use his sonic screwdriver to fight, as well as the TARDIS.

MLP FiM Series Win as Derpy 20 times.
Pinkiecore Pinkie Pie 'Cause I know a way to make you grin! Yes, I do! Pinkie attacks with balloons, cannons, Gummy and can sense stuff before they happen. MLP FiM Series Have the crowd chant your name 20 times

Greeny the Goblin

Green Goblin Spiderman's archnemesis, Norman Osborn, more commonly known as the Green Goblin,can use his Jack-O-Lantern bombs for battle, and has a hoverboard.  SpidermanLogo Beat King of the Hill as Spiderman.
SonGokuBOG Son Goku Goku AKA Kakarrot is the brave sayian warrior hero of Earth. In his base form, he is a pretty normal character. He uses his kamehameha waves, spirit bombs and dragon fist to attack, as well as rapid punching. He also can teleport using Instant Transmission and can transform into a Super Sayian to increase his power by 50. He can also go SSJ3 to times THAT power by 20! However, he takes damage whilst in SSJ3 form, and will power down to base form after a minute. He will be left exausted and will be vunrable for 10 seconds. He can also use a senzu bean to get back to full health. HF2 DragonBall Icon win 9001 matches
Goku1 Son Goku (sayain saga)

Goku back in the day wasn't as over-powered as he is now... even if his powerlevel was OVER 8000! (the anime and meme was wrong). He uses his Kamehameha waves like the other Goku, but uses Kiao-ken instead of transforming. He uses his flying cloud, Kinto'un, and his power-pole. He also uses senzu beans to recover his health.

HF2 DragonBall Icon Use The Vegeta Assist once.
122px-Sub-ZeroRender MKNine Sub-Zero Scorpion's arch enemy, Sub-Zero attacks with all things ice. This fight shall be your last!  Mortal kombat logo2 Win as Scorpion 50 times.
AmericaPuzzleLeague America The food-loving personification of the United States of America. He uses the american flag in a way similar to Italy with his white flag, but has some original moves too. He uses his bayonet to attack and sheild (the same way he did with England) and also uses his planes to attack for him. Hetalia Win a match as Italy only using food attacks.
Czim Zim I AM ZIM, THE BEST IRKEN INVADER EVER!! This little defect attacks by using his PAK-Legs, a ray gun, and can ocassionally throw GIR or a Taco at his opponents. ZimSymbol Beat Uni-Kitty 10 times
Naruto uzumaki psd by demonfoxwwe-d2znyu7 Naruto The hero of the Hidden Leaf Village attacks with shurikens, shadow clones, or the iconic Rasengaan attack. He also can go into his demon form, which is completly bat-shit crazy. Naruto Beat King of the Hill as Alpha



Picture Name Franchise Gimmicks
Rainbow Factory Rainbow Factory Social-youtube-logo-grey You just fly around the Factory atop Dazzler's van, and occasionally he drops you off on a cloud or something.
0000000000000003mk Mushroom Kingdom SSB Mario Series There are plenty of classic enemies to interfere with the fight.
000000000000000000001 Yoshi's Story SSB Yoshi Series The fruit floating around in bubbles can be collected to restore health.
Untitled2 hf2 Main Page Fantendoverse Occasionally, a mouse pointer will come along and hit one of the fighters.
Pfudor PFUDOR Tumblr No hazards, other than falling off the rainbow.
Ufsugarrush Sugar Rush Wreckitralphcherry Taffyta and the other racers zoom by and insult the character, lowering their HP.
Hakurei Shrine Hakurei Shrine HF2 Touhou Icon Sometimes, Ruukoto will appear and attack a random player. Rumia will also darken the stage for 30 seconds sometimes.
Distortion world by sebasvishno-d38t6ih Distortion World SSB Pokémon Series Every now and then, gravity will be switched. Giratina will fly around and use Shadow Force.
Lavendera ;Lavendera TOME SYMBOL  Hazards include players attacking you, or the area could be changed to a Battle Grid. 
Zims house night Zim's House ZimSymbol Zim's minions will sometimes pop out of the house and shoot you with a lazer.

Assist Trophies

Image Character Ability Franchise Rarity 
Whyti Whyti Will shoot ice blasts at opponents. TOME SYMBOL Semi-common

Aurora screams and runs everywhere. She also hits people with a box of cereal.

Social-youtube-logo-grey Common
Black.pngfb59b762-4d58-4f40-98f3-34d2f2810b0bLarge Creeper Walks up to a random person and explodes. Minecraft symbol Semi- common
VegetaBOG Vegeta teleports the user off the stage then fires a massive FINAL FLASH!!! HF2 DragonBall Icon rare

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