Hellfire Fighters: BL!TZ is a 2016 fighting game made by AzaCraft Entertainment, and is a reboot of the 2014 fighting game Hellfire Fighters. The 2016 game has a unique new story and is connected to the original only in name, gameplay. and overall style.



The main, multiplayer gamemode. It plays similarly to that of the Super Smash Bros. series. But while Smash strictly uses the gameplay of knocking opponents off the stage and damage meters, in Hellfire Fighters you can switch between damage meters and the health bars of traditional fighting games.

Story Mode

Unlike most games developed by AzaCraft, Hellfire Fighters BL!TZ's story mode is split into two parts, both of which connected by one plotline. 


Long long ago, ancient weapons were forged in the Sun's Core, known only as the Hellfire Weapons. Now the goddess Palutena decides to scatter the weapons across the universe, because if all of the Hellfire Weapons are united, they will combine to form an Ultimate Weapon capable of destroying galaxies. However, a deity known as the Firelord, the previous owner of the Hellfire Weapons, learns of this and will stop at nothing to get the weapons back. 



Playable Characters

There is said to be at least 60 characters playable in the final game.

Starting Characters

Character Description
Fire Mario not Fire
SSB Mario Series
Mario's here? Hoooow unorginal! Well, we all know Mario, the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, but Mario here is a bit different. He is here in his Fire Mario form, and thus his attacks mostly involve fire because everything is fire in this game. Anyway, Mario can shoot fireballs from his fist, and he can also perform some of his standard attacks such as the jump punch, but now they emmit flames! Haha.... fire.  
362 wolverine4uk
Wolverine is a prominent member of the X-Men and is most famous for his retractable adamantium claws that come out of his knuckles. He can use those claws to slice and dice any opponent that comes his way. Also, due to being captured and experimented on by weird science guys, he has an adamantium skeleton which gives him extra strength and stamina. 
SSB Kirby Series
Kirby must have a stomach larger than 50 Grand Canyons because he eats literally everything, yet it appears he hasn't gained an inch of weight. Kirby's main ability also turns out to be eating things. He can swallow opponents, and then gain their powers. Kirby also can float in the air, travel with his Warp Star, and use his trusty hammer to whack opponents. 
Cat Toad Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Cat Toad
SSB Mario Series
Cat Toad is in this game now. Because reasons. Cat Toad is a swift character who can scratch at opponents with his claws, as well as jump and climb across walls. He also has the Blue Toad's natural ability of jumping really high.

Seriously, why IS Cat Toad in this game? 

Gravity Falls Icon
One of the two Pines Twins, Mabel is often wacky and silly, in contrast with her more serious twin brother. her weapons include a grappling hook, a human-sized hamster wheel, and a "Bedazzler," a toy gun that shoots out jewels. She also can get help from Waddles, her pet pig. 
Gravity Falls Icon
One of the two Pines Twins, Dipper is obsessed with the mystery of Gravity Falls. He can run over foes in his Golf Cart, and he keeps multiple spare hats that he can throw like boomerangs. He also can use the cloning device to create duplicates of himself and have more power.
SSB Undertale Symbol
Frisk is the main protagonist of the indie game Undertale. He attacks using his toy knife and can also manifest Determination to use in his attacks. He can also get help from Flowey, who shoots out "friendliness pellets." 
SSB Mega Man Series
ElecMan is one of the Robot Masters that were reprogrammed to fight that Mega Man guy. ElecMan mostly attacks with electricity, and has fairly balanced stats. So yeah. Electricity. Yup. 
FULL SamWilson
Sam Wilson
The leader of the newest team of Avengers, Sam Wilson is a to-in-one package, having the flight of Falcon and the shield and super strength of Captain America. Sam's one weakness is the fact that he doesn't have very good speed, but despite that he's still a great fighter!

Unlockable Characters

Character Description
Alpha Season 2
WELL LOOK WHO DECIDED TO SHOW HIS FACE IN ANOTHER UMBRELLA MADE BY DRAK. I guess there should probably be way more TOME characters here but for this game you're only gonna get the one. OK, so how does he fight? Well, he is able to shoot lightning from his fingers. He also can fly, but those tiny wings can't get him too far. He's good with fighting I guess. 
Savage Opress
So this is apparently Darth Maul's cousin or brother or some shit? I dunno. He was a character in that clone wars cartoon I guess. Here, he attacks mostly with his dual-bladed red lightsaber, which is perfect for doing evil things. He also has some brute strength to back him up, and he has a couple Force abilities as well. 

SSB Undertale Symbol
Sans is the brother of Papyrus and is known to make bad puns and jokes. But be warned, he can also be very powerful. Like really powerful. He can attack by using his Gaster Blasters or by throwing giant bones ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) at his enemies. Don't underestimate him, or he's gonna give you a bad time.


Papyrus from undertale render by nibroc rock-d9c1tak

SSB Undertale Symbol
NYEH HEH HEH! The great Papyprus enters the battle! He is quite a swift fighter, but lacks in physical strength. His most powerful attacks are throwing plates of delicious spaghetti! Ah... what a horrible waste of delicious noodles... oh well!


Psylocke is an anti-hero and member of the X-Men... sometimes... I think? She wields a sword which she can use to slash at foes, and she can also create other blades out of energy and use telekinesis. She is more of a quick fighter, relying on speed and stamina more than strength.


SSB Unavaliable
An evil cosmic deity and leader of a cult, Sinistar is a very powerful foe who can fly around the stage and shoot lasers at opponents. While he can hold his own by himself, a lot of his attacks come from his followers in the Cult of Sinistar. 

Princess Peach

SSB Mario Series
The princess and damsel of distress of the Mario series, however she has some dark secrets of her own... She can attack using a tennis racket as a melee weapon, throw turnips, float using her parasol, or have her toad subjects help her in battle. 

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

SSB Unavaliable
One of the most popular members of the anti-hero group of the Suicide Squad, Harley is a wild card who was once a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum... and then The Joker came along and fucked everything up. Her main weapons include a baseball bat, various guns, and the more cartoon-y weapons from the animated series such as the boxing glove spring and a swordfish as a melee weapon. 


Hellfire Weapons

The Hellfire Weapons take the place of traditional items in this game. 

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