Helen Willis
Full Name Helen Annabelle Willis
Current Age 25
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Whitby, United Kingdom
Align Good
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Able to control metal
Nationality 25px-Flag of UK-1-
Ethnicity Black British
Height 5'9"
First Appearance TBA

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Helen is a human from the United Kingdom. She has the ability to control and make metal out of nothing.


Helen is a 25-year-old somewhat tall woman with long black hair. She has green bangs. She wears a soccer jersey of Newcastle United F.C., a pink skirt and dark green boots. She has brown eyes and has fake glasses without lenses.


Helen was born in Whitby, a small town in Yorkshire, England. She was raised in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and tried to live a normal life. Unluckily for her, she had metal-controlling powers that got in the way often. When Helen turned 16, she moved from Newcastle to California, where she eventually went on to college and picked up a degree in Engineering. Helen met a group of people after she turned 24 and decided to work with them, trying to put her powers to proper use.


Helen is usually short-tempered or annoyed, but tends to hide it. She comes off as passive aggressive when she is hiding her real feelings. She tends to try and lighten up every now and then.