Heihachi (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Tekken
Official Debut Tekken
Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Mishima Combo
Heihachi Mishima is an unlockable newcomer in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from the Tekken franchise. He fights with his take on the fictional Mishima Fighting Style. He will have no dialogue, but his voicing will be done by Unsho Ishizuka.


Heihachi is a brutal fighter designed to punish mistakes the opponents make. However for a heavier midweight, Heihachi is easy to punish himself. So make use of his quick and easy combos to ensure that foes cannot easily hit him or intrupt finishing blows. His moveset was inspired by his Tekken Tag Tournament 2 attacks which stems from older games and the new ones created for that game. His neutral special can be slightly boosted with both attack inputs pressed and Dragon Uppercut can be slightly boosted by its Tekken inputs.

Special Moves
Neutral Special Demon Breath Throws out his hands as if his hands "shout". Minor damage and knockback increase if both attack buttons are pressed.
Side Special Dragon Uppercut Propels himself forward as he delivers an uppercut.
Up Special Wind Slicer Leaps up and kicks out. This propels Heihachi diagonally forward and up.
Down Special Raijin Stance Readies himself. Can press ether attack inputs for follow-ups.
Final Smash Mishima Combo
Custom Moves 1
Neutral Special Eishomon Ducks and backfists his foe. Can "duck" under some techniques.
Side Special Demon Scissors Front Flips into an foe. Slight damage if failing to hit a target.
Up Special Explosive Launch An explosion launches Heihachi wherever the player directs him. Explosion damages the foe.
Down Special Tekken Bowl Rolls a bowling ball. Can be deflected.  The ball falls in the air and gets into rolling.
Custom Moves 2
Neutral Special Tekken Ball A ball appears and and Heihachi uses Lightning Crush to hit foes with the ball.
Side Special Jumping Kick Short hops and delivers a mid kick. During the move and before the kick, move down for low variant.
Up Special Hell Axle Springs up, kicks once, and can kick again if the first kick hits.
Down Special Lightning Hammer Slowly slams his fist and stomps at the same time.

Ground Attacks

Jab: Set out a punch. Press again to send out another punch from the same arm. Press once more to finish the Flash Punch Combo.

Side Tilt: Turns and kicks foes with his right foot. Based off of his right kick button press attack.

Up Tilt:  Uses his Left Splits Kick .

Down Tilt: Uses his Crouching Dragon Kick.

Side Smash: Performs his "Rashomon" punch.

Up Smash: Performs the Wind God Fist uppercut.

Down Smash: Uses his "Jichinsai" Kick.

Dash Attack:  Performs a sliding kick.

Air Attacks

Neutral: Uses an aerial Spinning Demon once

Forward Air: Leans forward and headbutts foe.

Back Air:  Uses Twin Hammers which is a double fisted strike.

Down Air: Uses his Geta Stomp to send foes falling. Can spike or meteor.

Up Air: Uses a double palm stirke to send foes upward.


Pummel: Head rubs using his knuckles.

Forward: Headbutts his foe, launching them forward. Directly taken from Stonehead throw.

Back: Lifts up foe and throws behind him. Directly taken from Broken Toy throw.

Down: Forcefully slam his foe to the ground with one hand. Directly taken from the Freefall throw.

Up: Performs a jumping powerbomb slam. Sends foes diagonally upward. Directly taken from Jumping Powerbomb.

Special Animations

Up Taunt: Stands upright and chuckles

Side Taunt: Performs his Auger stance and grunts.

Down Taunt: Gets on his knees, crosses his arms, and grunts.

Victory Animation: Speards feet apart, hands curled into fists at his side and grunts as an electric aura flickers.

Victory Animation 2: Performs his "Lighting Hammer" strike then looks into the camera with a smirk. 

Victory Animation 3:  Steps forward twice puts his left fist up and his right arm "holds" it.

Trophy Info


Heihachi Mishima, patriarch to a trouble-making and highly dysfunctional Mishima family. Heihachi is no stranger to brutality and will not hesitate to accomplish his goals. In Smash, Heihachi will punish any wrong moves that come his way. Speaking of dysfunctional families, the award of bad parenting goes to... Heihachi Mishima. Seriously, you don't want this guy as your father or grandfather.

Heihachi (Alt):

Heihachi will best serve as a offensive punisher. His Wind Slicer is a moderately reliable recovery, but it sends him into freefall. So use that as a last ditch effort if double jumping doesn't work. His Dragon Uppercut can be used as an assisstant to horizontal recovery, but it's better suited to a good punishing move. Raijin Stance allows for some follow up options, three of them.  Be sure to catch foes off guard.

Mishima Combo

This is a 10 hit combo that Heihachi brings into Smash. Pulled from his first 10 hit combo, it unleashes barrage of punches and kicks that finishes up with a Dragon Uppercut. This will launch foes diagonally so it's a good idea to soften them up for the Final Smash. If you don't land the first hit, the Final Smash will fail.

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Heihachi has two palettes to each outfit, his "younger" look in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 which is his default, and his old age look.

Default Black Default Gi found in many Tekken games. Has a Tiger emblem on back
Palette Red Default Gi truned red. Has Paul Phoenix's gi symbol on back
Palette Purple Default Gi turned purple with black trim. Has Kazuya's gloves as symbol on back
Palette Green Default Gi turned green with gold trim. Has Ancient Ogre's head as a symbol on back
Alt Blue Heihachi's Default Tekken 3 outfit
X-over Black Cosplays as Ganondorf's appearance in Ocarina of Time. Heihachi retains his haristyle.

Special Attrib.

Phoenix Wright's "evidence" against Heihachi is a photo locked up Jinpachi and photo of the angry faces of Jin, Kazuya, and Lars.

Kirby's takes Heihachi's youthful hair and his Demon Breath as a Copy ability.

His victory theme is a short remix of Tekken 1 and Tekken 2's Go Go Go (Vs. Result Screen).


  • Heihachi is the only character that has appeared in both Playstation All Stars and Super Smash Bros. He was also considered for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, but the Bandai Namco character, Pac-Man, was selected instead.
  • Heihachi's palettes are obvious references to other Tekken characters: Red for Paul Phoenix, Purple for Kazuya in Tekken 2, and Green for Ancient Ogre (who was called "Ogre" in Tekken 3). The symbols on the gi's back cements the reference.
  • Explosive Launch was taken from the explosion from JACKs During the Tekken 5's introduction.

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