Height is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya.


The game is set in a future, post-apocalyptic Earth, where an outbreak of nanomachines which only deconstruct organic material has ravaged the human population. The one weakness of the nanomachines is they are incapable of rising higher than a certain distance above sea level.

The survivors of the nanomachines began to move into skyscrapers, on top of mountains, and to other high locations where they were safe, and developing technology that would allow them to more easily navigate the world above the "Nano-Line" (the highest point the nanomachines can reach). Eventually, new societies began to be formed. Two main factions emerged from these societies: the Patriots, who want to restore the traditional pre-outbreak government, and the Anarchists, who want to take the opportunity to create a new, anarcho-communist society.


Classes in Height are player-created through a variety of customization options. Custom classes can also be uploaded online for other players to download.


Each class carries three weapons: a Primary, a Secondary, and a Melee weapon. Each weapon can have only one attachment equipped.

Name Description Type
Pistol A basic semi-automatic pistol. Secondary
Hand Cannon A stronger pistol, with a slower firing rate but much higher damage. Secondary
Knife A knife which can instantly and silently kill with a backstab. Melee


Name Description Type
Flashlight A light which can be turned on to illuminate dark places (and reveal cloaked enemies). Secondary


Name Description
Hacker This role allows the class to hack into computers or other machinery located within the map, allowing them to enable turrets, lights or other devices, lock and unlock doors, view security cameras, and other things.
Demolitions This role allows the class to plant timed bombs at strategic points, such as weak walls, locked doors, enemy machinery, etc.


Name Description
Invisibility Allows the class to become invisible while in the shadows. The invisibility is disrupted upon contact with an enemy player, receiving damage or using a weapon or tool, and is completely disabled when directly exposed to light.


There are no specific "game modes" in Height, with each map having it's own objectives that must be completed by one team to win.

Name Description
Skyline A series of skyscrapers, any of which could be home to a computer speculated to have belonged to one of the scientists involved in the creation of the nanomachines. The Patriots and Anarchists desire to have whatever information it holds before the other faction.
Fuji A mountain-top Patriot research base, developing new methods of growing food at high altitudes. The Anarchists have invaded the base, intending to obtain this information for themselves.


  • The game originally had a much more realistic, military aesthetic to it, and the "Height" name referred much more to the gameplay, which involved the use of grappling hooks, jetpacks and other tools to ascend quickly whereas in the current rendition it primarily refers to the setting.

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