The show's title card that appears in the opening sequence

Hedgehog Warrior Sonic (Harinezumi Senshi Sonikku) is an anime series that started broadcast on Fuji TV on October 9, 1993 (a few weeks after the launch of Sonic CD in Japan) and aired until October 1, 1994, airing 52 episodes in total. The program aired during the Saturday evening timeslot at 7:30 JST.

The show gained immense popularity in Japan, becoming one of Fuji TV's top-rated programs of the 1990's, especially being popular with children, but the anime has gained a following from Japanese high school students (mostly girls aged 14-17).

The success prompted Toei Animation, the studio that made the series, to make the series into a franchise comprising merchandise, additional television shows and movies.

The franchise also saw popularity overseas, especially in Germany, UK, Ireland, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Singapore and Taiwan.

The series was a co-production of SEGA, Toei Animation, Fuji TV, Movic, BMG and Pony Canyon.

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