Organization XIII
Kana ヘスザプ
Rōmaji Hecuzapu
Number XV
Title The Knightess of Valour
Weapon Ragnarok: The Holy Blade
Attribute Light
First appearance SPP RPG: Shadow of the Organization
Original name Peach
I am the very entity of sorrow. Nothing is born of death or birth...

Hecxap is ranked XV in Organization XIII. She is the Nobody of Peach. She is voiced by Alison Stoner.


Hecxap has all of Peach's appearance and face. She has Peach's blonde hair. The artwork shows Hecxap wielding Larxene's knives. She wears a female Organization XII cloak.


Hecxap was born from Peach after her supposed death from the curse inflicted by Hades.

She is the primary antagonist of Shadow of the Organization.

Hecxap begins to question her very existence on the planet. She always obeys the orders given to her by Xemnas.

Hecxap fuses with an entity named Jenova and becomes the legendary Xenova.

After five forms of fighting, Xenova releases both entities comprising her and both entities die.

Hecxap merges with Peach and is never heard from again.


  • Hecxap's theme is "The Other Promise"
  • When in Xenova form, her themes vary:
  • Form A: Decisive Battle (FFV; Orcestrated)
  • Form B: Terror (FFV)
  • Form C: The Battle for Everyone's Souls (Persona 3)
  • Form D: Giga Bowser (SSBM)
  • Last Form: Lord of the Castle (KH: CoM)

Other Appearances

Super Princess Peach: Another side, another story

Hecxap is the villain representing "Shadow of the Organization"

Hecxap works in the shadows with Zera the Mant and Clotho during the main storyline.

She is the ninth villain killed in Devil's Impulse.

Her EX mode is Xenova E, her EX burst is Raging Nothing.


  • Hecxap is one of the nobodies that is not exclusive to Kingdom Hearts.
  • She was inspired by Roxas. So Hecxap is to Peach as Roxas is to Sora.
  • Hecxap is the only villain in the SPP series that isn't pure evil. She is more a tragic villain.

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