Hector (SSXD)
The tough leader of the Planet Dune bikers
Full Name Hector
Current Age Adult
Gender Male
Species Canine-like Alien
Location Planet Dune
Current Status Unknown
Class Antagonist
Main Weapon(s) Fists
First Appearance Road Rat (SSXD)
Latest Appearance Road Rat (SSXD)
Hector is a character in Skip and Sqak XD who only appeared in the episode Road Rat as the Main Antagonist. He is the leader of the sand bikers on Planet Dune, who are also a race of cannibals who fool anyone coming on the planet by introducing themselves as castaways and their victim is the "chosen one" capable of surviving the deadly Death Road path (which is for them to die and the bikers eat their carcasses) to send an SOS to a rescue team. To prevent their victims from escaping the planet, Hector sends some of his bikers to wreck their ships and say it was ruined in a powerful sand storm.

When SSFF, WASP, and BRUTISH arrived on Planet Dune to work on their planet assignment, Hector sates Oswald as their "chosen one" and he must leave SSFF in order to send the SOS through Death Road. As SSFF and WASP believed BRUTISH and Sparky all died in the sand storm, little did they know that Hector and his goons locked them in cages for supper. WASP finds BRUTISH and Sparky and free them from their cages and told SSFF about Hector's true plans. Hector, with his secret exposed, sends his goons to kill the three teams which results a quick battle until Aleena and Becky arrived on the scene in their ship (which they accidentaly crushed 3 bikers with). When Hector wonders about Becky's question "You know something else deadly and vicious?", she punches him in the stomach sending him flying in the air and crashing into his own hideout, which collapses down a chasm and lumps of sand burry the entire chasm and hideout (with Hector inside it).

It was clearly unkown if Hector survived the crash, since he either died from the impact or from sufficating in the sand.