Heaven or Hell's plot have 15 chapters.

Chapter 1: The Battle In The Skies


The Sky Battle Tournament started, fightes from many places from the world and other worlds appears to fight, after many fights, only two goes to the finals, Sophitia and Link, the final battle beings and the player must choose one of the two fighters. The winner gets the trophy and the loser goes away... but not so soon yet, the Hellspawns!

Sophitia and Link must teamwork together to defeat the Hellspawns, they manage to defeat the Hellspawns, then a mysterious bounty hunter appears and drops a giant bomb to the arena, blowing it up.

At Unova, Ruby notices something weird falling from the skies, boom! Sophitia and Link appears, they discover that a Hellship has been following them and now the must run away from them.

They later find a dead end, the Hellspawns starts to drop from the ship preparing themselves to attack the heroes, Ruby releases Luke the Dewott to the battle, who manages to defeat them and also finding a button that leaves for a secret exit on the dead end.

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