Heart Crystal
Item Type Collectable
First Appearance Pinti Land II
Latest Appearance Pinti Land 3D
Hold Heart Energy to heal Pinti and friends
Related Items
Mana Crystal

Heart Crystals are collectable items from the Pinti Land series. They contain Heart Energy, which heal the user or protect him from attacks. They first appear in Pinti Land II.


Pinti Land II

Heart Crystals first appear in Pinti Land II. They hold Heart Energy which heals Pinti or Blockster when they are hit. When this happens, however, the Crystal breaks and releases it's energy. Luckily, they are healed when they are refilled with Heart Energy, such as from Hearts.

Pinti Land 3D

Pinti Land 3D featured the reappearence of Heart Crystals. This time, Pinti beigns with 5 Crystals instead of 7 Crystals. Luckily, he can collect full Heart Crystals and Hear Crystal Shards to increase his total health max, up to 15 Crystals.

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