He who sleeps in the shadow
The sleeper in the shadow
Full Name Izura'jin
Current Age 5000
Species Nightmare fiend
Location Universe of the eternal void
Current Status Active, eternal
Class Villain
Family and Relations
Despair (Creator)
He who sleeps in the shadow.
Official name (Izura'Jim) He was spawned by Despair as a powerful soldier, he was there after the light. He fought but lost. He is a powerful demon and god. He is also eternal and will show give anything weak.


His natural power is over that of soul matter. He is also a member of the Dark Render but the most of the time he is a rouge and works alone. He don't have the ability to create avatars so he will always appears in his real form.

He most appears in the mist and only those strong enough can see him. If you see him he appears green. He destroys planets and his number is over the 100. He is the king of his own place in the universe of the eternal void

Most prophecy speaks of his return to the real world and he destroys a planet. Even if it happens a lot of time, most people fears him and hopes he dies quickly.