This article is about Hayden in the Heroes of Orquedia series. You may be looking for Hayden in The Rise of Darkness series.

Hayden (HoO)
Hayden's portrait in HoO.
Full Name Hayden
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Orquedia
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Flaming Sword
Vulnerable To Type Water
Voice Actor(s)
Hayden (user)
First Appearance Heroes of Orquedia: Mystery of Lavareus
Latest Appearance Heroes of Orquedia: The New Horizon

Hayden is a character that appears in the Heroes of Orquedia series. He is based off of the user, SuperMarioBro64 (tbc).


Hayden lived in a quiet town that was in poverty. Everyone would get robbed or attacked by gangs, and this really made him made. He always wanted to stand up for his town, but he knew he couldn't do it. One day, his mother sent him to pick up some things. On his way home, the gang tried to attack him, but they were only able to chase him into a cave before they left him there. He had mixed feelings of anger and sadness. Until he saw a shiny object. When he held it, it transformed into a flaming sword. It also burned a fire symbol on his hand, giving him powers over fire. He thought he could save his town with this weapon, so he searched for the gang and finally found them, terrorizing the citizens. Hayden battled the gang and defeated them. He told them to either leave town forever, or stop bullying the town around. They gang left town, but said that they would come back someday.

Hayden resides in the poor town, helping out others and making sure the twon stays peaceful. He's always on high guard, thinking about the return of the treacherous gang. When Locky and his crew came across him, he joined them, but was interrupted when the gang had returned and began destroying huts, buildings, and burning everything. Hayden looked at Locky and his crew and asked for help, who agreed to help him. After saving his city, he helped Locky and friends on their journey, but is still uneasy about leaving his town alone.

Abilities and Powers

Hayden can attack using his fire abilities. He can combine any attacks with fire to make them stronger. He also has his Fire Sword, which, as the name suggests, is a sword that is on fire. He can jump very high, but he's also very slow. He gets weaker if he has been attacked with water, but he can still drink it.

Attack Name Description Type
Fireballs Hayden shoots fireballs. Type Fire
Sword Slash Hayden swings his sword. Type Fire
Fiery Sword Spin Hayden spins in a circle, swinging his fiery sword. Type Fire
Flaming Fist Hayden punches the enemy with his fist on fire. Type Fire
Ring of Fire Hayden traces a circle of fire with his fingers, which shoots towards the enemy and burns them. Type Fire
Fiery Leap Hayden jumps on the enemy, and leaps upward with a blast of fire. Type Fire
Burning Blast Hayden charges up a giant fireball that can obliterate enemies. Type Fire


Hayden is very nice to the entire team, but here is a list of the main members of the team.


Hayden really likes Locky, and thinks of him as a "fearless leader," because of his role of leading the group. They get along very well, like they do with the rest of the group. They might get along well because they share a slightly similiar personality.


He admires her skills with thunder, and thinks she's a great person. He likes her more than her twin sister, Dairena.


Hayden likes Dairena, but he seems uneasy around her because of her powers over darkness. He sometimes tries to avoid her.


Hayden first thought she was weird because of her physic powers, but realized that she isn't a bad person. Rainbow is likely the only female member of the team Hayden enjoys being around with.


Hayden admires Julio and they get along very well, because they both have powers over fire. They're usually practicing their fire skills together, sharing secrets and tips with each other.