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Hawla (Lucario series)
Hawla's art in Lucario and the Five Thieves
Full Name Hawla
Current Age 15 (as of LATFT)
Gender Male
Location Skinteeth Plateau
Current Status Alive
Class Aura
Main Weapon(s) Aura, Combat, Aerials
Ability/ies Aura
First Appearance Lucario and the Five Thieves
Latest Appearance Lucario and the Golden Hand
Family and Relations
Lucario - Best Friend
Servine - Crush/Girlfriend (changes between games)
Well, I'm a Pokèmon. You saw me use Aura. Connect the dots, brainiac.
Hawla in his battle against Lucario

This is for the character in the Lucario series. For the character in regular context, see Hawlucha.

Hawlucha, who goes by Hawla, is a main character in the Lucario series. He was somehow born with the power of Aura in him, and as such is stronger than most Hawlucha, and can also use aura-based attacks. He is best friends with Lucario and Servine, and is smitten by the latter. He later reveals his feelings for her in near the end of the game.


Hawla is described to very snarky, and can be a bit of a smart aleck some times, which can be helpful in brightening the mood during the adventure. He is, overall, very polite and friendly towards his friends, even if they weird him out a bit. He is shown to have feelings for Servine throughout the game.



Role in Games

Lucario and the Five Thieves

Hawla first appears in Chapter 3 of LATFT. He confronts Servine and Lucario, claiming that he is the best fighter in the plateau and that all newcomers "must challenge the master". Despite knowing he is bluffing, Lucario accepts the challenge, and fights him. Halfway through the battle, though, Hawla shows signs of the Aura power, and when he finally ends up using Aura Boost skill, Lucario asks about his powers, to which he says he has, but doesn't know how he got it. He is kidnapped by a group of possessed Ursaring, who want to know more about the Aura power, but he is saved by the two. The three then form a large bond that grows over time.

As the story progresses, Hawla starts to show signs of feelings toward a significant team member; in other words, Servine. Up until Chapter 6, the only one who knew this was Lucario: however, Servine start to become apparent to this in Chapter 7, when Hawla takes a Freeze Shot from Glalie for her. In the Final Chapter, Hawla pulls Servine to the side and admits her feelings. Her reaction is short but powerful: a kiss on the cheek. For the rest of the chapter, Servine seems significantly happy, meaning that the feeling is possible mutual. Hawla, belong with Servine, settles in Aurea Town after the game.

Lucario and the Golden Hand

In the sequel to Five Thieves, Lucario and the Golden Hand, Hawla is set to return. The game's producer (tbc) stated that Hawla and Servine are "still sorta a couple".


Wha- last time I checked, Aura doesn't let you read minds!
To Lucario

Keep the potions to yourself and I'll be fine.
To Gourgeist

Wow, you guys looks so alike its creepy.
To Riolu and Lucario

Oh, thanks, but, I'll totally never use it.
When Lucario offers his Mega Stone to him

What do you mean by, "being a Hawla"? I'm not that snarky!
To Lucario and Prinplup

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