Havok the Echidna
Jerry's main appearance
Full Name Jerry "Havok" the Echidna
Current Age 19
Date of Birth October 13th
Gender Male
Species Echidna
Location  ???
Family and Relations
Metal Chaos (tbc) (arch-nemesis)
Ability/ies gliding, climbing walls, punch attacks, Hyper Sonic Soundwave
Vulnerable To happy or joyful nouns, adjectives, etc.
First Appearance Metal Chaos (video game)
Jerry the Echidna (better known by his alias Havok) is an anthropomorphic magenta echidna that is the arch-nemesis of Metal Chaos (tbc) and is the main antagonist of Metal Chaos.


Metal Chaos (video game)

Havok is the main antagonist of the game.


Havok is a cruel villain and seeks world domination. He also loves gold and loves to trick or hurt any innocent soul.

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