Full Name Hattie McIntyre
Current Age 18
Date of Birth May 20, 1997
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Gender Female
Species New Human
Location Mauriti, Ziama Prime
Align Lawful Good
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Liana (Friends)
Aiden (Friends)
Saskia (Friends)
Britt (Friends)
Main Weapon(s) None
Height 5'3"
First Appearance Diamond Days
Latest Appearance DESPAIR
Hattie is a character who makes her début in Diamond Days.


Hattie is a university student, that was accidentally accepted into the university after her grades from college weren't up to the standard, but she was somehow accepted regardless. She is often disregarded by a lot of people because she is a very shy girl who rarely ever speaks of herself or her own opinion, which can frustrate others who are forced to work with her. She joined the "Diamond Days" programme so she could hopefully graduate from university with a degree that will secure her a profession in the future.




Diamond Days

Hattie appears in Diamond Days as a university student who has signed up to a mysterious course titled "Diamond Days". Hattie is one of the secondary characters of Diamond Days. At the beginning of the series she suffered from depression and extreme anxiety, but she met Aiden and started to feel more comfortable and relaxed around other people. She then started hanging around with Saskia, Liana and Britt through Aiden.

She has an argument with her mother early on, and doubts that her mother wants the best for her, since she really wants her to quit the course and return home. She then confesses to Aiden at the bonfire that she has felt really out of place in the group, and feels like everyone's keeping secrets from her. He reassures her, and he explains that he felt the same, so he made new friends like Annabel. He advises her to do the same, to which she agrees and decides to make a new start for herself after graduating from Diamond Days. Alongside the other assistants, she graduates from the course.








To be added.



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