Hatsune Miku vs. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Karaoke Batte! is a game developed by Nintendo and made by OtoVibe. It is a karaoke game that was only released in Japan and in specialist shops in the United Kingdom and Canada. The game only includes famous songs from the two J-Pop artists renowned for their crazy, but awesome ideas. It is for Wii U, XBOX Kinect, 3DS and Wii. You are escorted by mascot, Nikki, from Nintendo Letter Box.

Game Modes

The game has four modes in the Japanese Version, Karaoke, Karaoke Multi!, Dance Motion and Romaji. In the English Version, there is also four modes; Karaoke Romaji!, Karaoke Multi!, Dance Motion and Karaoke English. The Dance Motion mode is only compatible with the Wii, Wii U and Kinect, so the 3DS version in both languages only includes three modes.

Karaoke Mode

Sing your heart out in kanji and dance along with the mogul and get highscores! Highscores mean more songs and more songs means more fun for you and your friends to play with in Karaoke Multi!

Karaoke Romaji! Mode

The same as the above except sing with romaji lyrics.

Karaoke English Mode

The same as the two above but with the lyrics translated to English.

Dance Motion

Beat your friends in these action packed dances, that will judge your dancing skills depending on how good you are compared to the mogul on the screen! Can be played with up to 4 players or online, up to 12! The dances are ranked easy to difficult.

Karaoke Multi!

Dance and sing with your friends and beat them all with your amazing vocals!


  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    • Invader Invader
    • Cherry Bon Bon
    • Ninjari Bang Bang 
    • Tsukematsukeru
    • Fashion Monster
    • Yumeno hajimarinrin
    • Family Party
    • Candy Candy
    • Kira Kira Killer
    • Sukisugitekiresou
    • Pikapika Fantajin
    • Jelly
    • Mottai Nightland
    • Furisodation
    • Kyaryanan
    • Miracle Orange
    • Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
    • Koi Koi Koi
    • Mi
  • Hatsune Miku
    • Jelly
    • Rule The World
    • Romeo & Cinderella
    • PoPiPo
    • Tell your world
    • Love is War
    • Ievvan Polka
    • Rolling Girl
    • Melt
    • Weekender Girl
    • World's End Dancehall
    • Senbonzakura
    • Tokyo Teddybear
    • Twilight Homicide
    • Tengaku
    • Knife
    • Glory 3Usi9
    • Deep Sea Girl
    • Systematic Love
    • Cat Ears


  • Originally called BigStar Karaoke, it soon changed to Hatsune Miku vs. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Karaoke Battle, which they soon changed to Hatsune Miku vs. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Karaoke Batte, because there was already many battle ending games, so the producers wanted it to stand out a bit.
  • The game comes with a microphone included.

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