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Hatsune Miku: OtherWorld
Studio(s) IS
Distributor(s) Fantendo
Type Live-action, 3D animation, 2D animation
Genre(s) Science fiction
Country of Origin United States of America
Hatsune Miku as herself, Nakajima Saki as Momomiya Ichigo, Jason Dolley as Kouhai (both), Kagamine twins as themselves
Theatrical Release Date(s)
December 12, 2020
Home Edition Release Date(s)
June 3, 2021
Age Rating(s)
PG (for some appropriate but scary scenes)
Original Language Japanese, English
Budget $100
Box Office $100
Runtime 1:23:45
Series OtherWorld
Sequel(s) Momomiya Ichigo: OtherWorld

Hatsune Miku: OtherWorld is a movie created by InukaneStudios (IS for short) about the popular virtual singer Hatsune Miku, whose universe ends and reincarnates her as a blind mind-speaker. She teams up with two versions of the boy from Double Date, Kouhai (one American, one Japanese), Momomiya Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, and Kagamine Len on a quest to stay alive and not get eaten by their predators.


The story begins in the Japanese arcade game Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Arcade, where Hatsune Miku (herself) lives with her Vocaloid friends. The arcade they live in closes shortly after the movie begins, and so the Vocaloids leave to the classic console Tapper's Tavern and drink some beer. Eventually, Kagamine Rin (herself) gets mad at Miku for taking the spotlight in everything, and screams that she hates her. At that moment, the universe is mysteriously destroyed.

Miku awakens in a new universe, to find herself in a ninja suit in the middle of a tropical rain forest, unable to see. After taking in her weird surroundings, Miku hears growling from pumas, and thus runs blindly through the forest to avoid getting eaten. It doesn't take long before Miku collides with a tree. Fortunately, the pumas suddenly pick up a meaty-smelling scent from Aoyama Masaya (Megumi Ogata), originally from the game Hamepane Tokyo Myu Myu, and eat him instead. The sun eventually sets, and Miku falls asleep, crying over her new fate.

At midnight, while Miku is sleeping, Momomiya Ichigo (Nakajima Saki) finds Masaya dead and starts crying. Her sniffles drive Miku out of her slumber, and Miku is suddenly able to send telepathic messages to Ichigo. However, before she is able to send a complete sentence to her mind, the power disappears just as suddenly. The message brings Ichigo over to Miku, and Ichigo explains that their old universe was destroyed and a new one was created in its place. It turns out Ichigo has been reincarnated as an alien entirely composed of data, and knows a good place to keep Miku sheltered.

In a little hut just outside of the rain forest, Miku hears Ichigo crying again, and this time she explains that she can't live with being an herbivore with so many predators, and "no more Aoyama-kun". With that, she runs back into the rain forest and lets a giant rattlesnake eat her alive.

Left hopeless, Miku lays back into bed and sleeps for a while. Eventually, the hut is attacked by orangutans who want to eat the hut's only two inhabitants. It is soon revealed that the second inhabitant is Kagamine Len (himself), who is now a deaf merman. Miku carries Len out of the hut, and with guidance from him, she makes it to safety.

The two end up by an estuary, just as Len begins to run out of moisture. He ends up falling into the estuary, and thus regains it. There, Len reveals that he is currently searching for Rin. He

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