Hatstuck is a story written by JesseRoo (tbc) that he originally intended to write purely for his own satisfaction but, upon seeing SBUrB, decided to attempt to write in a more polished manner suitable for public reading.



Title Name Chumhandle Gender
LifeSymbol Prince of Life Miles Bishop mercurialEssence Male
HeartSymbol Thief of Heart Lucas Grimes analoguePlasma Male
BloodSymbol Heir of Blood Jonas Harris crucialFallacy Male
RageSymbol Knight of Rage Caleb Walker torpidBlight Female
TimeSymbol Sylph of Time Alice Blaire fabledEpoch Female
SpaceSymbol Seer of Space Skyla Francis precipitateDecor Female


Title Name Chumhandle Gender
DoomSymbol Prince of Doom Malakh Danaan elusiveDeadbeat Male
VoidSymbol Thief of Void Bonnie Eleusi forgottenConsul Female
SpaceSymbol Page of Space Lemnos Fleece dullTranscendent Male
BloodSymbol Sylph of Blood Glaono Chiron tastefulAxiom Female
HopeSymbol Knight of Hope Julius Alcaus bitterPantheon Male
TimeSymbol Seer of Time Hydrae Abasia azureMausoleum Female
HeartSymbol Maid of Heart Caenis Azuriu brokenFanatic Female
MindSymbol Mage of Mind Warden Phonos deviantBraggart Male
BreathSymbol Witch of Breath Aeveri Murtaa eclecticAviarist Female
RageSymbol Heir of Rage Bactor Tydeus pseudoConformist Male
LightSymbol Rogue of Light Sabras Faedra calamitousMagnate Female
LifeSymbol Bard of Life Fallon Bacili melodicThought Male

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