Harvest Man
Harvest Man
DPN-072, the Gangly Reaper
Full Name Harvest Man
Current Age ~2400 years old
Gender Male-programming
Current Status Decommissioned
Class Robot
First Appearance Mega Man K8
Latest Appearance Megaman Tempo: Aberrant Uprising
I can't believe all of this is for a heap of scrap such as yourself. Pathetic.
Harvest Man

Dr. Kojiro's 72nd robot master Harvest Man was based on the theme of a harvestman combined with harvest. Armed with a scythe, Harvest Man performs his duties as Kojiro's personal executioner.

In his off-hours, he spends his time within Kojiro's personal garden.

Despite his destruction at the buster cannon of Mega Man, he was later refurbished by his master, likely serving him in the same venue as before. However, upon the mad doctor's sudden disappearance, Harvest Man also vanished without a trace, until roughly a thousand years later during the ancient Reploid uprising, where he would meet an amnesiac Tempo for a final time.


Harvest Man, the gangly reaper


Reploid Uprising

Harvest Man Rough Draft

The original rough draft image of Harvest Man.

  • Tempo: "..! Who are you? You seem...familiar, somehow."
  • Harvest: "I ought to. I've waited a long time for you, Tempo."
  • Tempo: "A long time? Have we met before, stranger?"
  • Harvest: "Look at you! You're so scrawny now. All that precious plating daddy gave to his precious, ever-important favorite and, what? It just rusted off?"
  • Tempo: "You say you know me, and all you can do is insult me? I take it we're not friends."
  • Harvest: "I can't believe all of this is for a heap of scrap such as yourself. Pathetic."
  • Tempo: "I don't have time for this. I have to end this uprising before it causes irreparable harm to the innocents of this world."
  • Harvest: "I know exactly what he has planned, and it's stupid, if you ask me. I can't believe I've got to go along with this insane venture."
  • Tempo: "Then why don't you stop? You could join us and help stop your master."
  • Harvest: "That's the difference between me and you, brother."
  • Tempo: "And what exactly is that?"
  • Harvest: "You have a choice."