Harvest is a retro-style RPG game for the PC or 3DS via eShop, made in the style of an NES RPG like Dragon Quest or Mother.


Prologue: The Coming of a Very Well-Dressed Individual

One day on a farm, a loud noise was heard from outside. The man living there went outside to investigate and saw a tall man in a black suit with a hood covering his head holding a scythe standing in the middle of the field. The farmer was scared and tried to run to the town of Hearts, but the suited man dashed to him, and he was never heard from again.

The next day, a passerby noticed a large crop circle in the shape of a very spiky circle at the farm.

Chapter 1: The Awakening of a Boy to Grim News

Several years later...

A young man awoke in his room to an oddly quiet house.

Enter name: _______

The young man who you could name Cain, for example, walked out of his room and looked around. His parents could not be found, but he did discover a shining blue symbol on his wall, a very spiky round symbol. Reaching his hand in, he was forced to fight a rancorous glowing blue mouse, the PoweredRat.

Upon it's defeat, the glowing symbol disappeared, leaving behind the number "1".

Cain could not find his family anywhere, but luckily he did find a heavy broom he could use to defend himself. With that and a HealthDrink, he set out into the night for the town of Hearts.





  • The name Harvest refers to the mysterious suited fellow's actions of harvesting people.
  • The suited man's tendancy to stand tall and menacingly, coupled with his suit, is similar to the Slender Man.
  • You could say the suited man is, instead of harvesting, reaping. Both this man and the Grim Reaper figure carry scythes and are dressed in black clothing.
  • The suited man is not the Slender Man.
  • The suited man is not the Grim Reaper.

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