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" Let's just get this over with some style!"~ Haruni's favourite saying

" Heated up in a situation isn't my thing to do, but I think it should be the other way around, making the situation heated up, while I go fight! "~ Haruni The Mobian Braixen's Motto

Haruni The Mobian Braixen
Full Name Haruni Flaruna
Current Age 10
Date of Birth May 7, 2006
Zodiac Sign Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Star Zodiac: Taurus

Gender Female
Species Mobian Braixen
Location Sakura Forest, Mobius
Current Status Taken by: Anubis The Mobian Lucario
Main Weapon(s) Magic wand, and Katana Blade.
Element(s) Fire
Ability/ies Pyrokinesis, Blaze, and the Hidden Ability, Magician.
Vulnerable To Water, Rock, and Ground.
Height 1m 70cm
Weight 20 kg
Neutral, and a member of Team Asterix.

Haruni The Mobian Braixen (Haruni za Mobian Tairenar), is a character made by Celestia879. Being an energetic, young mobian braixen, Haruni origins from Twilight Forest, along with some fellow friends. She's in a freedom fighter group called Team Asterix. Being a master at her Katana Blade and Magic Wand, she has no problem at all in attacking. She's friends with the Kaizer Guardians, a freedom fighter group from the Hidden Valley,  Team Nightshade X, from Nocturne Forest, and Team Hybrid X, which's also from Nocturne Forest. Since Nocturne Forest surrounds the Hidden Valley, these teams became very close together, including Haruni's. Both Team Nightshade X, and The Kaizer Guardians became the first of Ultima Force, also called 'The First Legend Generation', which was led by Galleon The White Lion. While her team mates in Team Asterix, and the ones in Team Hybrid X, are the 'Second Legend Generation'.


Being a mobian braixen may include some changes in her design. Her fur's mostly golden, with the sides of her face being white, and part of her tail rose red. When she isn't using her magic wand, she'll just put it into her tail, so it won't be too hard to decide where to put.


Haruni wears a simple sorcerer themed clothing. Having a magic stick, scarf, shirt, skort, and a vest, making it a bit western type of sorcerer. For her foot wear, she will have boots, as usual.

- Tournaments:


She's the neat, and tidy type, that likes to end attacks with style, although she doesn't always gets it right, but she will still practice during her spare time. Other than cleanliness, Haruni enjoys going outdoors to train, and has to be somewhere outside, because she hates it when she's inside for a very long time. Active, and trains really hard, even in the rain where she's weak, Haruni will still try to withstand it, which makes her determination level very high. Not just giving up like that, she's really persistent when she loses too.

(When she trains in the rain, her pyrokinesis will also withstand hydrokinesis, but only for a limited time.)

Team Name:

~ Team Asterix ~ (Note that all of these are mobians.)

- Anubis The Lucario(Leader) : Attack, Speed, and Defence.

- Haruni The Braixen : Neutral

- Kranix The Garchomp : Speed, Tactic, Tricky/Trickster, and Attack.

- Lyra The Meowstic : Defence, and Tactic.

- Hydron The Empoleon : Water Attack, Defense, and Power.

- Cyberin The Gallade : Neutral

- Electron The Jolteon : Speed, Tricky/Trickster, and Tactic.


She's a young, 10 year old mobian braixen that comes from Central City. She joins Team Asterix, a freedom fighter group, to defend and seeks to defeat Master and Crazy Hand, who's going to cause trouble in the future. (But note that ,Haruni wasn't actually from Central City, but arrived there when everyone in her team tried to save her from getting sucked into a portal to Mobius. After failing, everyone got sucked inside the portal which warped them to Central City. But now, she and her team now lives in Sakura Forest.)

When they first got sucked inside the portal, they were very surprised that they could talk in either pokemon language, or normal english, and just look at how they changed in clothing! But anyways, all of them had to stick together and try to get to know this 'world' or 'dimension' better. After a year of adventuring, all of them had got used to this area, and started living in Central City. The good news is that they made some friends, like Team Nightshade X, Kaizer Guardians, and Team Sonic. But they were now staying in Sakura Forest with Team Delta X, Clouder's team.

- Crush: Anubis The Lucario

Anubis is Haruni's childhood friend when she was still a fennekin, and he was still a riolu. The two shared a similar bond, up until now. Although that it's is already clear that Haruni likes Anubis, but he doesn't see it just yet. Sooner, when they were older. They started hanging out with each other a bit more, and that's where they became in a relationship.

Current Attack/Moves:

- Flamethrower: The target is scorched with an intense blast of fire. This may also leave the target with a burn.

- Blast Burn: The target is razed by a fiery explosion. The user can’t move on the next turn.

- Thunder Punch: The target is punched with an electrified fist. This may also leave the target with paralysis.

- Solar Beam: A two-turn attack. The user gathers light, then blasts a bundled beam on the next turn.


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