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New Game From Zentech Studios

Harukaze's Family is a new game from Zentech Studios ! Now, this game are a battle & interactive game, on PC, 3DS, and WiiU ! He takes inspirations for many games.


PC Cover


The Story begins into a little island,  called " Sakura 


2nd Cover

Archipel ". In a little home, live a unormal family, the 

Harukaze Kaze Family. 

Why, its unormal ? Because, all of the member's family have got special & unhuman powers. Namya, actually & secret Queen of the archipel, are the mother of this family. Hers childrens Anastasia, Anya & Arya, are, like all of the family, descendant of unbeatable warriors, former protecter of the Archipel.


Harry Aoi Hono, one of playables characters

  • Anastasia, 17 years, the more older of the children, are intelligent & stronger, a " perfect warrior ", like her mother, she don't know that, but, she is the furter queen of the castle. She haves a verry special power in herself : she are the Fullea's power descendant, she can uses magic whitout corn. She is secretly in love on her best friend Harry Aoi Hana.

  • Anya, 14 years, has a shy & nice girl, she don't really want to fight, but she is obligate. She are the stars into the school, the boys really like herself.
  • Arya, 13 years, are the little last, she don't fight because of her age. She stroll everywhere & everytime, mainly on the Sakura's Beach.
Harukaze Family

The Harukaze Family actually generations

Multiplayer Story 

Into the multiplayer Story, you can ;

  • Chase for Treasures

Multiplayer Mode >> Chase for Treasures, is a mode where you are in a island with the others players, and with a card, you need to find the more treasures you can before the time is over. This Mode can be play with 5 players.

  • Flying Rings Battle

Multiplayer Mode >> Flying Rigs Battle, is a mode where you can only play with pegasus or alicorn characters. Your goal is to fly into the flyings rings to winning points ; This mode can be play with 4 players

- Blue Rings : 2 points

- Red Rings : 4 points

- Orange Rings : 10 points

- Pink Rings : 15 points

- Purple Rings : 20 points

- Bronze Rings : 30 points

- Silver Rings :  40 points

- Gold Rings : 50 points

- Double colors Rings : 60 points

- Three colors Rings : 70 points

- Multicolors Rings : 80 points

- Rainbow Rings : 90 points

- Space Rings : 100 points

- Cosmic Rings : 500 points

- Dark Rings : - 500 points

Stones : - 5 points

Balls : -10 points

Balloons : -20 points

Cats : -30 points

Bunnys : -50 points

  •  Flowers Fishing

Multiplayer Mode >> Flowers Fishing is a game with differents levels. compared with others multiplayer games, that one have a story : A day, Harry give Anastasia a bouquet of flowers, adorable no ? After, she go with it, into the park,  when she nearly sick, a person pushed her and caused her to fall flowers. What makes ?! She wants to recuparate the flowers ! Now let's fishing the flowers ! This game can be play with 4 players

  • Anastasia's bunnys rescue

Multiplayer Mode >> Anastasia's Bunnys rescue is a game with differents levels. In this game, you need to rescue Anastasia's bunnys before the Hurricane is coming, for you this is easy, but wait the following ! Anastasia has sprained her leg, now this you the savior ! This game can be play with 4 players.

  • Jumping-Clouds

Multiplayer Mode >> Jumping-Clouds is a game like leapfrog. You choose your character and you are ready to race ! Yes, this is a racing game. First, before the race's beginning, you need to remeber the clouds commands ( if it's good, you jump it, if is bad, you falling, like Maro & Sonic olympic games ). This game can be play with 4 players.

  • Sakura Archipel Annual race

Upcoming later...

Playables Characters

  • Anastasia-Harukaze

    Anastasia Harukaze, main character from the game

    Anastasia Harukaze

Weapons : Magic Water Flower & Magix Fire Hair

Special Moves : Water Flood

Fire Pony Spirit : Valkyria

Speciality : Attack

Stats :  Power 4/5,

Speed 5/5,

Defense 3/5

Arya Harukaze

Arya Harukaze, one of main character from the game

  • Arya Harukaze

Weapons : Sugars Laser

Special Moves : Sugars Destruction

Stats : Power 3/5

Speed 3.5/5

Defense 5/5

Speciality : Defense

Upcoming later...

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