Haru (Rune Factory 5: Princess of the Four Dragons)
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This is what i want Haru to looks a like
Full Name Haru
Current Age 18
Date of Birth Decided by player (canonically, Spring 20th)
Gender Male
Species Humans
Location Alvarna
Current Status Alive
Class Earthmates
Norad Kingdom
Family and Relations
Arika (niece)
Main Weapon(s) Swords
Watering cans
Ability/ies Earthmates magics
Monster taming
Vulnerable To His books
Nationality Norad Kingdom
Ethnicity N/A
Voice Actor(s)
Kazuma Horie
First Appearance Rune Factory 5: Princess of the Four Dragons

Haru is the male protagonist of the fan game Rune Factory 5: Princess of the Four Dragons. He is the current major of the city.



By default, Haru's personality is decided by the player. However, canonically, he is a womanizer. He is also lecherous, yet he claim to be a friend of all the woman in the world. But, he is very trust-worthy. When he said that he will protect other people, he will really do it. He is also kind-hearted. Haru care for other people, and he does not mind to lend his hands to help them when they are on their time of needs.



  • He is chaseable in Seira's route.
  • He is not a playable character in the second version of the game, but he will become chaseable if the player do a certain actions after beating the game once.
  • His likes Pizza and Skipjack Sashimi
  • He dislike Squids