Ultimate Warrior Blacksmith Harry
Developer(s) Minecraftia High School students
Publisher(s) Quint Studios, Inc.
Platform(s) PC
Release Date(s)
Single Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG, Adventure
Series Ultimate Warrior Blacksmith Harry series
Media Included Download

Ultimate Warrior Blacksmith Harry (究極の戦士鍛冶屋ハリ- Kyūkyoku no Senshi Kajiya Harī) or just simply Harry The Testificate is an upcoming RPG being developed by students at Minecraftia High School who would soon form Quint Studios, Inc. The game's wiki is at


Players control a warrior named Harry Yumesaki (夢前ハリー Yumesaki Harī) to stop two evil organizations from destroying the Testificate Archipelago, a series of islands. Players engage in turn-based battles similar to the battle systems in the Pokémon series and some of the early Final Fantasy games. Players use various weapons such as swords, maces, knives, etc. to kill enemies. There are three different kinds of attacks, which are Normal Attack, Special Attack, and Magical Attack. Special Attacks require Physical Points (PP) that are not part of a character's stats, and a character can hold up to 100 PP. Magical Attacks take Magic Points (MP), which are part of a character's stats.


The story begins with 15-year-old Harry Yumesaki going to the Testificate Archipelago. He is attacked by monsters and gets shipwrecked on an island. The next day, Harry meets a girl named Chikara Tomiyohi who is the same age is Harry finds him stranded and is taken to her village. The villagers find him as a newcomer. After they discover he is an orphan, they give him some resources to help him survive on the island archipelago. He then learns about Chikara along with her 10-year-old brother Spark Tomiyohi. Harry doesn't notice that testificates have tails, which the testificate race is born with, and since Harry is not part of the testificate race he was born with one.

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