Full Name Harriet Lavender Buckley
Current Age 14
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Crescent Umbrita
Sexuality Asexual
Series Accidents Happen

Harriet Lavender Buckley is a character from Accidents Happen, who lives in Crescent Umbrita and belongs to the Goth subculture. Harriet never speaks a word throughout the whole game, potentially meaning she is a mute person, other characters like Beatrix however mention things she has said in the past, but it is still entirely possible she recently lost the ability to talk. Harriet usually communicates by writing in a book and showing Chyna.


Harriet has large circular eyes with tiny dot pupils and dark circles around both her eyes. Her skin is a pale peachish tone and her hair is black and styled in two large volumus pigtails and her bangs are straight in bowl-cut fashion. On the top of her hair she wears a gigantic purple bow.

Harriet wears a gothic-lolita inspired dress. The collar of the dress is in a school girl fashion and is paired with a dark emerald brooch with two black ribbons hanging down from it. She has two dark lavender puff sleeves and a black and purple frilled corset laced with lavender ribbon. The skirt of the dress is large and poofy with a lavender flower petal pattern acting as a pannier for the dress. The bottom of the dress has a white lace lining. She wears pointed black Mary-Jane's and mid calf stockings.


Harriet's personality is a mystery. She is known to have a dark sense of humour and a habbit of showing up unannounced. Harriet's past is revealed through the tellings of Maude and Eric, who inform Chyna that Harriet just showed up at their doorstep one day, and she has just "sort of existed around us" ever since.


  • The name "Harriet" was chosen by the (ex) user Trucky (tbc)