May darkness befall my enemies!

Full Name Harp
Current Age Ageless
Gender male
Location Shadow Hollows
Current Status Dead
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Sword

Harp is a Ghostborn and the main hero in the Harp series. He is a blue phantom with bright eyes and a mysterious blue aura surrounding him. Though he is a Ghostborn, he is not affiliated with either Smile nor Mythic. His best friend is Zaki.


He is normally cool-headed and is quite calm. However, he shows ruthlessness to his enemies and will fight with sheer determination and hates evil. While he is ruthless towards his enemies, he is only like that when he is fighting. When he is not fighting his enemies, he has a wise-guy attitude towards them.

Powers & Abilities

Harp has the ability to turn invisible and go through walls. He can also spit blue fireballs and throw iceballs. He can also turn his mouth into a black hole for 10 seconds for a devastating attack. Some of his powers are uncontrollable, such as when he is seen. If he is seen, his aura will give the person who saw him bad luck for the next 2 days. This only affects humans, however. If that person sees him 5 times, they will die within 24 hours. He is also skilled in wielding a sword.